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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 February, 2005, 10:26 GMT
BBC cleared over Elton outburst
Sir Elton John
Sir Elton joked of suffering from a "weird syndrome before 10am"
The BBC has been cleared over an obscenity-ridden outburst from Sir Elton John on Radio 1 in November.

Broadcast regulator Ofcom called the incident "light-hearted and mischievous", saying the BBC did not break guidelines.

Two on-air apologies and a reminder to breakfast DJ Chris Moyles to exercise caution were deemed appropriate action.

Sir Elton used the f-word on the show and then used a string of swearwords, asking if they could be used on air.


Ofcom ruled that the first outburst was a "genuine slip", and described subsequent occasions as "mild swearing".

"In view of the nature of the error, the on-air apologies and the action taken, we consider the matter resolved," it added.

The musician also asked if he was live on air after using the initial expletive, prompting an immediate apology from Moyles.

Chris Moyles
Presenter Chris Moyles apologised twice on-air for the swearing

"Yes, we're live. I apologise to the young boys and girls. But it is Elton John," he said.

Sir Elton said he suffered from a "weird syndrome before 10am", and went on to swear further, prompting a further apology from Moyles.

"Thanks everyone, you're listening to my last show on Radio 1," said the DJ.

The incident prompted widespread coverage in the press, leading the BBC to say their Radio 1 audience would include few children before 0900GMT, while just two complaints were received out of a listenership of six million.

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