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Last Updated: Monday, 14 February, 2005, 18:12 GMT
DJ suspended over mock burglary
Kerrang! radio is dedicated to rock
A radio presenter has been suspended from Kerrang! radio after staging a mock burglary at the home of the station's programme director.

The management allege Tim Shaw and his producer broke into the house causing substantial damage and painted obscenities on the wall.

Mr Shaw and producer Greg Pebble have been suspended indefinitely from the Birmingham-based rock station.

The station said it did not condone criminal behaviour.

An investigation into the alleged incident, which happened on Thursday during the late-night Asylum show, is now being carried out by the station.

The prank took place at programme director Andrew Jeffries' house in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Over the line

Jeffries and his wife returned home to discover the break-in and believed they had been the victims of a burglary, before Shaw and Pebble jumped out of a cupboard to reveal it was a joke.

Mr Jeffries said: "The window was smashed and there were obscenities on the walls.

"They had hidden the TV and other items to make it look as if we had been robbed. They emptied the cupboards and our clothes were strewn all over."

"The Asylum Show has featured pranks before but this was way over the line. There is a limit and this was way past it," he added.

Mr Shaw has a reputation for unpredictable broadcasts. His biography on Kerrang's website says: "Tim's been fired from pretty much every job he's ever had and surprised everyone in the industry when Kerrang! 105.2 decided he was worth a 22nd chance."

Shaw joined the station at its launch last year and listeners have complained about his controversial stunts in the past.

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