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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September 2005, 09:55 GMT 10:55 UK
Motley Crue singer hurt in fall
Motley Crue singer Vince Neil
Vince Neil was treated in hospital after falling off stage
The singer with rock band Motley Crue is recovering from a leg injury after falling offstage during a US concert.

Vince Neil leaned over to sing with the audience and slipped offstage during the concert, said police spokeswoman Sylvia Abernathy.

The band had performed five songs and were forced to end their concert at the Philips Arena in Atlanta early.

"I just felt something snap in my leg. I couldn't go on," Neil said on the US band's website.

Tour continues

The website said that Neil had partially torn part of his calf muscle on Friday.

It added that he planned to sing at the next concert and no shows on their Carnival of Sins world tour would be cancelled.

"I'm a trooper," he said on the site.

The band's bassist Nikki Sixx added: "He will be able to perform, but can't really jump around until it heals. Luckily, we have a few days off here and there for him to recover."

Neil was treated at Piedmont Hospital and released on Saturday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Band members said they planned to return to Atlanta for an extra show to compensate for Friday's early finish.

Motley Crue are best known for their hedonistic lifestyle and 1980s hits including Girls, Girls, Girls.

They got back together last December for a reunion tour after six years apart.

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