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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005, 17:19 GMT 18:19 UK
Chris Evans starts Radio 2 show
Chris Evans

Chris Evans has started his new weekly BBC Radio 2 show, his first regular presenting job for four years.

The former BBC Radio 1 and Virgin Radio host has signed a seven-month contract to front the 1400-1700 Saturday slot.

He told listeners to his first show: "We've had a couple of test drives over the summer and we've decided to take it. Yes, we like this vehicle."

Robbie Williams was a guest on the programme, which also featured music, banter and irreverent games.

Evans was accompanied by a posse including his best friend "Big" Pete Winterbottom.

Chris Evans at BBC Radio 1 in 1992
Evans presented his first national BBC shows in the early 1990s
When Evans' arrival was announced in July, Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas described him as "one of the UK's most innovative broadcasters".

The broadcaster disappeared from the limelight after being sacked as Virgin Radio's breakfast host in 2001.

His first Radio 2 show came days after it was revealed he would make a TV comeback later this year with a live Sunday evening talk show on ITV1.

Saturday's Radio 2 schedule also includes a performance by Sir Paul McCartney from Abbey Road Studios.

What did you make of Chris Evans' new show - is he back to his best? Send us your views.

Listened to the last hour of the show - at last, Radio 2 weekends are moving into 21st Century. As someone who thinks 'what the hell is talented about Robbie?' even I liked him. Good show, well done. Chris
Ben, Stirling

Really enjoyed the programme - great you're back and a regular slot too. Saturday afternoons just get better and better.
Lesley, Coventry UK

Great news that Chris Evans is back on the airwaves with a regular spot. A top bloke with a cracking sense of humour, full of fun, and a fab taste in music... unlike primetime Radio 1 presenters. Get him back on the box while you're at it!
Mathew Walsh, Cardiff, Wales

Welcome back Chris, great to hear him back on the radio - just as long as BBC bosses don't allow him to become self indulgent when his show succeeds as he did on Radio 1, it will be a joy to hear him every week!
Justin Smith, Greenwich

Chris Evans is ok in short doses, so as an occasional guest DJ I thought he made a nice change. However, the style of Richard Allinson is excellent, so laid back, and not in the 'I am a great presence' category. I was very disappointed that he lost the late shift on week nights to the earnest but slightly jarring Mark Radcliffe, and I think it is a loss to Saturday afternoons. Where is the eclectic? 3 hours of J Ross, 3 hours of C Evans!? What an ego-fest!! Where has Mr Allinson gone? Bring him back!
Chris Collins, Cardiff, Wales

Sorry this show did nothing for me. Chris Evans has too big an ego and just loves the sound of his own voice. I'm afraid that I don't and I won't be listening again.
Mark Shepherd, Dunstable, Beds

Didn't think he was funny back then, and I don't think he is funny now. I only hope he screws this job up and gets sacked quickly as I can't bear the man. I say give Jonathan Ross two shows on a Saturday instead!!
Mark Swift, Loughborough, England

A brilliant show. Chris Evans was one of my favourites as a lad and it's great to hear him back on form. Even Robbie Williams came off as unusually "down to Earth", given Chris's relaxed interview technique. I will be listening again.
Daniel Lewis, Bristol, Avon

I'm 15, and normally a Radio One listener, but Chris Evans' show drew my interest... and after listening to his show, I think that it could be successful. Plus, it's made me carry on listening to Dermot O'Leary, who's show also seems to be quite cool. Nowadays it seems like Radio 2 and Radio 1 should switch names.
Gaz Hughes, Middlewich, Cheshire

What a shame - Richard Allinson was the best thing on Saturday afternoons and now he has gone. It wasn't broke, so why did someone attempt to fix it!
Jordan Dias, Edinburgh, UK

Terribly dull. I listened to it for about half an hour then fell asleep. He was ranting on about nothing!
Dan Williams, Nottingham, UK

Well that's Saturday Afternoon Radio 2 ruined. Are the BBC so desperate that they need to recall this talentless has-been rather than promote new blood?
Andrew Sinclair, Livingston, West Lothian

I don't usually listen to Radio 2 but Chris Evans is really funny and has a great wide taste in music. I am listening to the new show now and its really entertaining. Plus the guests are great: Robbie Williams (what more can I say?) Keep on with the new show Chris, and I'll tune in again next week.
Emily Blay (14), Bicester Oxfordshire England

Fabulous, listening to it now, what a good comeback. Radio 2 just gets better and better. I am 25 and now after Chris, Dermot and Jonathan Ross on Radio 2, I am not ashamed to say it is my fave station any more and that I don't get Radio 1 any more!
Jenny Greenhalgh, London UK

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