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Pete Doherty talks of 'jail hell'
Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty has been dating Kate Moss
Musician Pete Doherty has told a newspaper he will stay away from drugs after leaving prison on Tuesday on bail for robbery and blackmail charges.

The singer, 25, said his time behind bars and tabloid pictures of him allegedly smoking heroin had shocked him into sorting his life out.

He said his relationship with model Kate Moss also made him want to change.

"I'm determined to kick the habit for good for the sake of my relationship with her," he told The Sun.

The singer was freed from Pentonville prison after four nights as he tried to raise the 150,000 bail money required.

He and fellow musician Alan Wass, 23, must return to court on 21 February to face charges relating to a fracas at a London hotel.

Mr Doherty has been taken to a drug rehabilitation centre as part of his bail conditions.

'Hell on earth'

He told The Sun he was determined not to go back to jail.

"It was hell on earth. At night noise was horrible and there is nothing more terrifying than the sound of a prison waking up," he said.

"I'm determined to stay clean. Six days without heroin wasn't as bad as I expected. I've been through the worst of the detox and I want to prove to my mum above anybody else that I can do this.

He added: "I also need to say clean for the sake of my band mates and all my fans. "

As part of his bail conditions Mr Doherty will not be able to leave his house between 2200 and 0700 every night - and must be accompanied by a security guard or his manager if he goes out at any other time.

He is accused of assaulting a documentary-maker. Both Mr Doherty and Mr Wass have publicly denied the charges.

Mr Wass was able to meet his bail conditions earlier and was released on Friday.

Mr Doherty left The Libertines at the end of June 2004, but continued performing with his band Babyshambles.

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