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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 August 2005, 10:57 GMT 11:57 UK
BBC sorry for 'sexist' programme
Dog training techniques are used on husbands in the show
The BBC has issued an apology over the programme Bring Your Husband to Heel after receiving complaints it was sexist towards men.

The BBC Two show featured dog trainer Annie Clayton using her techniques to teach women how to modify their husbands' behaviour.

The corporation said the show "plays on the long-standing stereotype of wives nagging husbands about their failings".

But it accepted that some viewers found the programme "inappropriate".

Viewers complained to the BBC by telephone and on the Points of View website, with one viewer calling it "insulting to men and insulting the intelligence of women".

Another called the programme "sexist, degrading, insulting drivel".

'Unique instruction'

The premise of the show, produced by independent firm Talkback, sees Clayton tackle stereotypical "husband problems" such as computer addiction and failing to do chores.

Following the complaints, the BBC responded by saying the programme was intended to be "humorous", using a " unique method of instruction".

"There was never an intention to cause offence, but we recognise that some viewers have felt the programme to be inappropriate and we are sorry if any upset has been caused," it said in a statement.

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