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US retail giant sells Picasso art
Image of CostCo website with Picasso listing
It is the second Picasso the dealer has offered on the site
US retailer CostCo has sold an original Picasso artwork which it put up for sale through its website.

The grocery store had the crayon-on-paper artwork by the famed surrealist artist on sale for a week.

The work, signed and dated 29 November 1970, had a price tag of $39,999 (21,483), and was sold on Wednesday.

The artwork was described as a "doodle" drawn on the blank side of a book jacket. It had been authenticated by the artist's daughter.

Art dealer Jim Tutwiler sold the artwork to the store's website, which offers everything from concert tickets to cameras and sporting goods.

He said the piece was probably drawn by the artist as payment for goods or services.

"He was a barterer. He hated to spend money," Mr Tutwiler said.

The piece was the second Picasso Mr Tutwiler has sold through Costco. The first sold to a buyer in San Francisco in November.

But that buyer, apparently, was not interested in this artwork. "His wife said it was too similar to the other one," he said.

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