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Last Updated: Friday, 26 August 2005, 15:41 GMT 16:41 UK
US star launches Darfur campaign
Don Cheadle
Cheadle was Oscar-nominated for his Hotel Rwanda performance
Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle has launched a campaign to highlight war and famine in the Darfur area of Sudan.

The Hotel Rwanda star is co-chairman of Live for Darfur, which urges actors, musicians and authors to dedicate their work to the people of Darfur.

Coldplay, Carlos Santana and Queen Latifah have already participated in the awareness drive.

The initiative will also see bands such as U2 and Destiny's Child dedicate performances to Sudanese refugees.

'Dire need'

"The problems are very nuanced and complex," Cheadle said. "We are in dire need of leadership from our government if we are going to see any change."

Live for Darfur is part of the Safe Darfur coalition and Cheadle will attend the organisation's National Day of Action in Washington in September.

He will also participate in a National Leadership Assembly for groups to brief Save Darfur members and others on Sudanese issues.

Cheadle earned acclaim earlier this year for his performance in Hotel Rwanda playing Paul Rusesabagina, a real-life hotel manager who saved more than 1,200 of his countrymen during the 1994 genocide.

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