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Winslet back in awards spotlight
Kate Winslet
Winslet received two Golden Globe nominations this year
Kate Winslet is up for an Oscar and a Bafta for her starring role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

So far, Winslet has been nominated for best supporting actress twice at the Oscars, for Sense and Sensibility and for playing the young Iris Murdoch in Iris, while she netted a best actress nomination in 1997 for the multi-Oscar winning Titanic, ultimately losing out to Helen Hunt for As Good As It Gets.

But of course she is no stranger to the red carpet, having scored a whole batch of awards and nominations over the past decade.

Bit parts

Winslet, who was born in Reading in 1975, made a low-key screen debut at the age of 11, starring in a cereal commercial.

Over the next few years she landed bit parts in TV shows and plays, the most notable being an episode of Casualty in 1993. But her first big screen break came when a pre-Lord Of The Rings Peter Jackson cast her in Heavenly Creatures in 1994.

Kate Winslet in Casualty
One of Winslet's earliest TV appearances was in Casualty

Based on a true story, Winslet played teenager Juliet Hulme, whose obsessive relationship with schoolfriend Pauline Parker (Melanie Lynskey) resulted in a shocking tragedy.

Although the film had only a limited release, it was warmly received by critics and Winslet received good reviews for her performance.

But it was Ang Lee's adaptation of Sense And Sensibility which really thrust her into the limelight.

Global stardom

As the lovestruck Marianne Dashwood, Winslet more than held her own against her more experienced co-stars Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant, and scored her first Oscar nomination as a result.

The role of Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic gave Winslet her second Oscar nomination, as well as propelling her to global stardom. The film went on to win 11 awards on the big night, as well as becoming the biggest box office hit of all time.

But rather than use it as a springboard for other blockbusters, Winslet followed it up with a string of smaller projects.
Kate Winslet at the 2002 Oscars
Winslet at the 2002 Oscars, where she was nominated for Iris

She played a single mother travelling through 1960s Morocco in Hideous Kinky, while Jane Campion's Holy Smoke saw her as a woman who joins a bizarre religious cult.

More recently, she's been seen alongside Kevin Spacey in The Life Of David Gale, and in the World War II drama Enigma, co-starring with Dougray Scott - although neither made much of an impact at the box office.


But 2004 saw a return to form with both Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and her Bafta-nominated role in Finding Neverland - the latter saw her as Sylvia Llewellyn Davies, whose son Peter served as the inspiration for JM Barrie's classic Peter Pan.

Winslet, who has two young children, has said that she drew upon her own experiences of parenting in order to play the role.

Kate Winslet in Finding Neverland
Winslet plays Sylvia Llewellyn Davies in Finding Neverland

"I don't think I could have played Sylvia if I wasn't a mother," she said.

"There is something about the physicality of being a parent that you don't know about until you become one."

Away from the screen, her personal life has kept her in the headlines almost as much as her career. She married her first husband, assistant director Jim Threapleton in 1998, and their daughter Mia was born in 2000, but sadly the couple split up the following year.

She is now married to American Beauty director Sam Mendes, with whom she has a son, Joe.


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