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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 January, 2005, 13:00 GMT
Little Britain phrase tops vote
Matt Lucas as Daffyd
Matt Lucas plays Daffyd - "the only gay in the village"
The line "I'm the only gay in the village" from BBC comedy Little Britain has topped a poll to find the greatest comedy catchphrase.

The line is regularly uttered by Welshman Daffyd, played by Little Britain co-creator Matt Lucas.

Tommy Cooper's immortal line "Just like that" came second in the poll, voted for by viewers of UKTV Gold.

Homer Simpson's "Doh!" catchphrase came third, while Del Boy's "Lovely Jubbly" from Only Fools and Horses came fourth.

Little Britain had three catchphrases included in the top 20 - "Yeah, but no, but yeah but" used by delinquent teenager Vicky Pollard at five, and "I'm a laydee" as quoted by transvestite Emily Howard at number 12.

Oliver Hardy's "That's another fine mess you've got me into" was one of only three American lines to make it into the top 20, alongside The Simpsons and Austin Powers for "Yeah Baby".

UKTV Gold controller John Keeling said: "This poll shows that the Brits are best when it comes to coining memorable, funny catchphrases.

"Little Britain's incredible tally of three phrases in the final 20 is quite an achievement but it's also great to see classic shows such as Only Fools And Horses, The Fast Show and Blackadder make the top 10."

Which is your favourite TV catchphrase?
I'm the only gay in the village - Little Britain
Just like that - Tommy Cooper
Doh! - The Simpsons
Lovely Jubbly - Only Fools and Horses
Yeah, but no, but yeah but - Little Britain
1479 Votes Cast
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