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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 August 2005, 14:58 GMT 15:58 UK
Jackson fined over court no-show
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was cleared of criminal child abuse charges in June
Michael Jackson has been fined $10,000 (5,520) for failing to appear in court to face sex allegations.

Joseph Bartucci, 39, is suing Mr Jackson, who he claims sexually assaulted him in a limousine in 1984.

Mr Jackson or a lawyer representing him had been summoned to appear in court in Louisiana on 21 July for the civil case, but they did not show up.

Judge Eldon Fallon fined Mr Jackson for failing to turn up or be represented. A trial date will be set on 7 September.

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At the hearing on Wednesday, lawyer Charles Gay told a New Orleans court the summons to appear was "lost in the confusion" on the day Mr Jackson was cleared of all 10 counts relating to the alleged abuse of 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo.

But the judge fined Mr Jackson $5,000 (2,760) for not having representation in court and $5,000 (2,760) to cover the defendant's court costs.

Mr Bartucci claims that when he was 18, he was lured into Mr Jackson's limousine then held against his will and sexually assaulted during a drive to California.

He claims he repressed the memories until 2003, when he saw news coverage of child molestation charges against Mr Jackson.

Mr Jackson, 46, was acquitted of all Gavin Arvizo's charges against him in June.

Jackson family spokesman Brian Oxman has accused Mr Bartucci of trying to take advantage of the singer's wealth and celebrity.

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