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Spector 'said death was accident'
Phil Spector
Phil Spector has denied murdering actress Lana Clarkson
Music producer Phil Spector originally told police he accidentally shot a woman he is due to stand trial for murdering, according to court papers.

A police officer told a grand jury Mr Spector, 64, said he did not mean to shoot Lana Clarkson, transcripts say.

He has since repeatedly denied murdering the actress and club hostess at his Los Angeles mansion in February 2003, saying she committed suicide.

Mr Spector is currently free on $1m (535,000) bail and is awaiting trial.

In the US legal system, a grand jury listens to evidence and decides if somebody should be charged with a crime.

Court ruling

Police Officer Beatrice Rodriguez said Mr Spector told officers: "I didn't mean to shoot her. It was an accident."

Mr Spector has worked with the likes of The Righteous Brothers, John Lennon and The Ronettes and created the "Wall of Sound" production method.

Court papers were released this week following a ruling in November which held that their release would not prevent the selection of a fair jury for Mr Spector's trial.

The papers also contain testimony from Mr Spector's chauffeur Adriano De Souza, friends of Lana Clarkson and women who have been previously threatened by Mr Spector.

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