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CD launch for Bill Clinton tunes
Bill Clinton
Former US President Bill Clinton has often spoken of his love for music
A compilation CD featuring some of former US President Bill Clinton's favourite rock 'n' roll, jazz and gospel songs is to be released.

The Bill Clinton Collection: Selections from the Clinton Music Room will be the first in a series of CDs of the former president's favourite tunes.

Artists featured on the albums include John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Judy Collins.

The 11-track CD will go on sale at the Clinton Museum Store in Arkansas.

Clinton's tunes
My One and Only Love - John Coltrane
Harlem Nocturne - David Sanborn
My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis
The Town I Loved So Well - Phil Coulter
Summertime - Zoot Sims
Chelsea Morning - Judy Collins

Connie Fails, who runs the shop near the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, said Clinton heard the CD for the first time last week.

She said: "I wanted to make sure his CD was going on when he came into the store.

"Not six foot in the door, he stopped, looked at me and said: 'What is that?' He took the demo and by the time he got to the golf course, all the windows of his car were down and he was blasting it."

The CD is the latest joint venture for the museum and shop.

The museum is running a temporary exhibit until the end of the year on Clinton's love for music, including a replica of the music room built for him at the White House.

The Clinton Presidential Foundation has been working for months to acquire licensing rights to certain tracks.

The CD is expected to go on sale in four to five weeks.

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