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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 January, 2005, 17:56 GMT
Housewives draw 4.4m UK viewers
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives follows women with seemingly perfect lives
US comedy series Desperate Housewives has become a ratings hit in the UK, attracting an average of 4.4 million viewers on Wednesday.

It drew 23.1% of the available TV audience to Channel 4, the second highest rating show in that timeslot behind BBC One's 10pm news bulletin.

Seen as appealing to the Sex and the City audience, Desperate Housewives has received five Golden Globe nominations.

The Sex and the City finale attracted 4.1 million UK viewers last March.

Set on an upmarket US street called Wisteria Lane, Desperate Housewives follows four inhabitants who lead seemingly perfect lives.

Lead actresses Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Teri Hatcher - who starred in The New Adventures of Superman series - have been nominated for Golden Globes.

The show has also been shortlisted in the best comedy series category and Nicollette Sheridan has been nominated as best supporting actress.

BBC News drew 5.2 million viewers at 10pm on Wednesday while a special edition of Wife Swap which preceded Desperate Housewives drew an average of 3.5 million viewers.

What did you think of Desperate Housewives? Did it deserve its US acclaim or was it just desperate? Share your views here:

Loved the pilot, especially the ending which set up a number of possibilities for the series. US drama and TV in general can be of very variable quality (look at the awful reality adoption show that Fox have made!) So lets hope this fulfills its promise and doesn't slide downhill.
Henry, London

Fantastic and is going to be huge. It had everything an easy storyline for a midweek night, very funny - and found a good way to bribe the kids - having Santa's mobile number. Genius!
Laura, Stevenage

I loved it. I'll be tuning in every week. I love the dark sarcastic humour, brilliant! I think this is more true to life than most people would let on.Which one are you? This might take a few episodes to work out!
Natalie, Chatham

Not a patch on Six Feet Under or Sex and the City
Candy, UK

I really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to the mystery unravelling over the coming weeks. It's exactly what you need in a soggy old January - sheer escapism, witty script and lots of beautiful people.
Vicky, Glasgow

Started watching and fell asleep.
Magdalena, Jersey

Horribly disappointing show, designed by a committee of network execs who wanted to tap into the HBO audience without actually providing anything challenging or new. Sex and the City provided a fresh outlook on single womens' lives while being funny and provocative. The dead neighbour voiceover is just an excuse to dress up a lame comedy in irony.
Denis, London

I thought it was really refreshing as it doesn't have what most US comedy shows have - the canned laughter and cheap unfunny jokes. Won't replace Sex and the City but it's a good effort.
Peter Atkin, Exmouth

I was a bit dissapointed, it wasn't as dark or as weird as the add campaign and press made out, but it showed promise.I'll watch the next one to see what develops.
David, Leeds, England

Put on first episode, got bored halfway through. Thought second episode might be better, so flipped over to E4. Lost interest after 20 minutes.Not as smart or funny as we have been led to believe. Not a patch on Six Feet Under or Sex and the City - which just goes to show the unmatchable quality of the HBO cable shows.
Candy, UK

I really enjoyed it. I think the second episode which aried on E4 is more in keeping with what we can expect in the future. We have to remember that it will never be as racy or daring as Sex and the City or Six Feet Under as this show is on network TV in the US, not cable.
Barry, London

Give it a few weeks of poor ratings and Channel 4 will shove it to the midnight slot - just like they do with all their American shows that don't do as well as expected.
Ethan, Belfast

Having watched the series in the US where it has caught the public imagination so effectively, I am not surprised it is a hit in the UK. The formula is right, with generally more subtle and sometimes poignant humour than most US sitcoms - but its biggest win? A welcome break from the increasingly desperate reality series that are taking over television.
Richard Hankinson, New Jersey, USA

Normally I dislike American comedy with its canned laughter and weak childish humour, but this is a different matter. The humour is subtle and yes, I have to say very British - couldn't turn it off and look forward to the next episode.
Gren Bailey, Romsey

A welcome break from the increasingly desperate reality series that are taking over TV
Richard Hankinson, USA

Brilliant!!! This could be set in any middle class street anywhere in the UK. The characters are all around us - we just never noticed them much before.
Brian McCaig, Paisley

I will be tuning in next week, as I'm interested enough to give the show a second chance, although I imagine that the pseudo-mysterious posthumous narration will begin to grate before long.
Lisa Wild, Kent

I felt a little disappointed watching the show. It was mildly entertaining, but didn't live up to the hype. The humour was absent, the narration was dire and the visuals were cliches. The only real saving grace was the acting standards and the "whodunnit" sub-plot.
Simon, UK

This programme was something different and I am hooked after the opening show. It's like a soap opera but with comedy and mystery to add a twist. I will definitely be tuning into the next nine episodes.
Julie Long, Hampshire

Pretty good - stylish, funny, a plot, great cast and thankfully not as alienating to male viewers as I'd feared after reading comparisons with Sex and the City. Hopefully it will continue in a similar vein.
Nigel, London

Brilliant!!! This could be set in any middle class street anywhere in the UK
Brian McCaig, Paisley

I watched it with my husband and my grandmother. She is in her 80s, we are in our early 30s and we all really enjoyed it. It's like watching a Jackie Collins Novel. Loved it.
Samantha Buckell, Newport Pagnell

I thought it was brilliant. Cleverly written and fantastically acted. I certainly shall be watching next week.
Steve, Bournemouth

Instantly recognisable as Sex and the City relocated to the 'burbs, this pitiful offering redefines feeble. Desperate sums it up pretty well.
JF, Belfast

Fantastic, a perfect replacement for Sex and the City with a bit of a darker side to rival Six Feet Under. Excellent show, can't wait to see the rest of the series.
Marc, Manchester

Average at best. Was neither as exciting as Sex and the City nor as dark as Six Feet Under, both of which the show - I presume - aims to ape. Will continue to watch though, in the hope one of the leading players may disrobe.
Oliver Schofield, Nottingham

Very entertaining. I turned over straight after to watch the second episode on E4. A kind of Six Feet Under crossed with the Stepford Wives with a hint of Sex and the City!
Ilsa , Surbiton

It seemed a little bland with predictable storylines
Gemma Hall, Derby
Fab! Lived up to expectations. More Melrose Place than Sex and the City... but none the worse for that!
Dave Jones, Cardiff

I was expecting a bit more from this show than I actually got. It seemed a little bland with predictable storylines. My initial impression is that this show should not be compared to Sex and the City - it's not even in the same league! Maybe with time I hope it will prove me wrong.
Gemma Hall, Derby

Great pilot - and sure to become regular viewing on a Wednesday evening. Not quite the quality of Six Feet Under (Channel 4 killed that show by having it on so late!) - but hugely enjoyable watching - especially after the trash of Wife Swap. Looking forward to next week's episode already.
Andrew Duning, Islington, London

I enjoyed the show - good to get an easy-watching Friends / Sex and the City replacement although I think the target age group is slightly higher as it all revolves around husband and kids. Suspect it is addictive!
Lannie, London

No sex. no city. For humour, drama and all round TV skills look no further than the UK's very own Shameless.
Lionel, London

It was so good! I was really sceptical but watched it nonetheless, very pleasantly surprised!
Christabel Dunbar, Edinburgh
I think it's fair to say that Desperate Housewives is going to be the biggest American import of the year. The first episode alone has set up a number of story arcs, and introduced us to a set of memorable characters. Without a doubt this is an early contender for the show of 2005.
Scott , Southampton

Desperate Housewives is more like Six Feet Under than Sex and the City, with its spooky, almost surreal background music and humorously sombre atmosphere. I expected naked bodies all over the place, so it was a refreshing change to see a peak-time show that all the family can watch (after the adults tape it and vet it). I can't wait for episode two!
Kevin Connolly, Belfast

Good, refreshing and funny. Want to see more.
Fiona Haggerty, Heston, Middlesex

Perhaps my expectations were a little high. I was expecting more humour and it was a little slow and a bit drawn out.
Derek Cole, Glenrothes, Scotland

Wry humour galore - I thought it was great. Part of the new realism-with-a-twist flavour that is present in some recent US TV dramas. Like Deadwood, only without the mud and swearing.
Simon, Bradford

Another US show dubbed "raunchy" - it was as sexy as EastEnders!
Lee, Hebburn
It was so good! I was really sceptical but watched it nonetheless, very pleasantly surprised!
Christabel Dunbar, Edinburgh

Another US show dubbed "raunchy" - it was as sexy as EastEnders! On the other hand, it did have some intriguing plotlines. Not sure about the voice over though - it's just too much like Sex and the City.
Lee, Hebburn

Desperate Housewives - great stuff! Like Twin Peaks meets Knots Landing on the way to Stepford. It was great to have a bit of mindless escapism in these dreary post-Christmas nights.
Mark, North Shields

I had expected the "desperate" part of the title to suggest they all were desperate for the same thing, but it was a pleasant surprise to find they all had a unique problem associated with suburban life. It will be interesting to see how the series develops. It borrows aspects from American Beauty, but I am willing to overlook this for the time being.
Matthew Hill, Gravesend

Watched it, turned off. Absolute rubbish.
Nikki, London

It is great to have a programme that shows staying at home is not as fulfilling as people make it out to be
Miss B, Oxford
I thought the show was excellent and a great role model for women. Essentially the show so far is light-hearted and fun but we must wait for bigger and better stories to come.
Elaine, Bolton

Very good show, myself and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it and await the next episode eagerly. Also nice to see Teri Hatcher back on our screens.
Richard Collins, Ringmer, East Sussex

What a brilliantly refreshing show, funny, adult and slightly sinister in parts, without the smut, cheap gags and ego-inflated stars who blight so many other shows. It's such a relief to come out of the Christmas schedules, packed with repeats and tired reality TV, and have something to look forward to every week. I will certainly be tuning in!
Alex, Huntingdon

I thought the pilot episode was good. But I do think it's one of those shows you have to stay with for a while to really see its appeal.
Marie Marriott, Ashton Under Lyne

I loved Lynette. In a society where mothers are more and more often coming under criticism for wanting to work it is great to have a programme that shows staying at home is not as fulfilling as people make it out to be.
Miss B, Oxford

Fantastic, I'm hooked, I can't wait for the next episode. Great script, glossy and intriguing.
Cate, London

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