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Have your say on Sound of 2005
The Bravery
US synth-rockers The Bravery have come top of the BBC News website's Sound of 2005 poll to find the best new music talent.

Indie group Bloc Party, garage MC Kano, US rapper The Game and Britpop band Kaiser Chiefs are also in the top five.

Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Joss Stone, McFly and Scissor Sisters were on last year's list and have gone on to enjoy acclaim and stardom.

What do you think of Sound of 2005? Did The Bravery deserve to win - or are there better acts waiting to emerge? And is 2005 shaping up to be a good year for music?

New York electro-rock band? All I can say is they mean nothing in New York. Nobody here is listening to this lame mix of U2-meets-the-Cure. This band has no excitement, no imagination and no sense of threat. NYC brought the world the Ramones, Talking Heads, Teenage Jesus, Sonic Youth, the Liars and Black Dice... think about that for a second.
Simon Bodger, New York, USA

Rock and roll is dead. This list proves it.

It is a fairly simple process to find bands that sound like current popular bands and give them some publicity to enable them to become "the sound of 2005". People are spoon fed music too often with lists like these. There needs to be a much wider and equal coverage of all music. People are missing out on some exceptional works of art. Instead, they are stuck with the same dry and dreary sounds from year to year.
Neal, Somerset

It's nice to see that unsigned bands get recognition in these polls (looks for irony key...), after all we have only being playing the length and breadth of this isle for the past four years... perhaps we should befriend some music journalists...
Michael Law, Mexborough

I saw The Bravery in November. Yes, they're good, and had loads of that intangible stuff called star-quality. But I'm in my forties, therefore too uncool and too old to have a valid opinion on such matters.
John Lancashire, Reading, UK

I saw The Bravery in December and was really impressed, and would like to see them again some time in a more appreciative atmosphere. Not surprised that they topped this poll because they are also something different because of the electro sound they add. Can't wait for the album - bring on 2005!
Stef R, Cambridgeshire, England

With all due respect to the comments posted already, surely the purpose of this poll is to predict which acts will have huge recognition and/or commercial success in 2005? In that respect, surely acts which already have record contracts (but haven't had a UK top 20 hit) and are about to release new material are FAR more likely to achieve what the poll has predicted.Johnny, Belfast, N Ireland

Agree with many on this site - this list is rubbish. And, where are the women? Or don't women make and produce music any more?!
Steve l, Manchester, UK

The list isn't bad but I can see a few more hidden groups coming through, The Futureheads, Influx, The Departure etc etc. But rock is back, that's for sure!
Steve-T, Newcastle

Never mind all this re-warmed U2/Duran Duran nonsense. Uzbek Marmoset will be huge in 2005.
Jamesy, Southampton, UK

The Bravery did deserve to win, they are the best group to emerge from 2004 and will no doubt go on to great things in 2005. However I don't think much of the rest of the list (apart from Bloc Party). The Game has been around for ages in America and will capitalise of the back of 50 Cent, who rode the back of Eminem who rode the back of Dr Dre... etc.

Kano is a good choice but Klashnekoff is better, but sadly, as always in the UK, the more talented you are the more the commercial pundits over-look you...
Melissa, London

You heard it here first folks: this poll means jack. Eve's Majesty will be the sound of 2005. Who are Eve's Majesty? Just wait and see.
Michael Devlin, Strabane, Ireland

I don't doubt that the above mentioned artists all show potential, but surely Arcade Fire, who've been taking the North American indie scene by storm over the past few months, mustn't be overlooked as the one to watch this year. Funeral, their debut LP, isn't released here till next month, but just watch the British music press swoon when it does.
FG, Aberdeen, Scotland

How can you or these so called "pundits" say who is going to be the best band in 2005? They have a good sound but it's just techno Duran Duran? I see Tom Vek's on that list too. Absolutely over-rated twaddle.

Can't we come up with something better that really rocks but then these "pundits" are a) totally anal and b) there's more than a hint of following some of the people all of the time and saying this or that is great just to appear cool. Get real!

This poll has nothing to do with "discovering" new talent: all these acts already have heavyweight management, money invested in them and in many cases a big record deal. Most of them have already had national TV exposure. The poll just helps out marketing campaigns by big companies. Sickening, since it's resourced by the BBC and critics are able to be totally lazy. Go find some real new acts!
Toby J, Brighton, UK

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