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Big Brother 6: Great or awful?
Contestant Kinga's conduct drew several complaints from viewers
The sixth series of Channel 4's Big Brother, which ends on Friday, unleashed a psychic witch, a former Tory speechwriter and a stiletto-wearing Turkish male belly dancer onto the viewing public.

Its viewing figures remained steady, but it has not set the front pages alight as in previous years.

What did you think of this year's series? The debate has now closed but a selection of comments are below. We kick off the argument with two opposing reviews:

"Dull and unlikeable" - John Hand, BBC News website

BB6 just never sparked. The house layout did not provide any claustrophobic feeling, the tasks barely entertained the housemates - never mind us - and the recurring secret mission theme grew tiresome.

Mostly, it is the 16 housemates who were to blame, with early evictees so dull they will not even enjoy the usual fate of 12 months of C-list celebrity status.

Vanessa was the woman less interesting than watching paint stay wet.

Previous series had already given us a prancing queen (Brian), a glamour puss with a clothing allergy (Shell), a love story (Helen and Paul) and a juvenile dimwit (Jade). So we had no room in our hearts for Kemal, Orlaith, Saskia, Maxwell and Kinga.

Three "characters" who could have been contenders blew it.

Derek wasn't half as clever as he thought he was. Overly-aggressive Science only showed his wit in his post-eviction interview. And Makosi wanted the whole show to rotate around her.

Anthony was the silent partner in BB6's best storyline - unrequited love. But Craig was as unlikeable as he was creepy.

As for Eugene, the geek may inherit the Earth but only because many final week voters never suffered one of his rambling anecdotes. He's just BB4's supernerd Jon Tickle, without the charisma.

The whole series is summed up by its best moment - when the contestants were challenged to climb inside cardboard boxes and stay there. Great idea with one flaw. The producers forgot the sealing tape.

"Refreshing viewing" - James Bregman, BBC News website

BB6 has proved the most compelling edition of the show in years.

Big Brother's 'evil' tone last year stirred up tantrums and even fisticuffs, but could not avert the usual stifling blandness.

This year's version has had the most refreshingly bold and watchable protagonists since Jade in 2002.

It has been entertaining to witness Kemal, Derek and Eugene manoeuvre into venomous cliques, taking up new sniping positions after each eviction.

The audience has got more canny this year. The early demises of Sam and Leslie showed that serial flesh-baring doesn't make you interesting, and viewers sensibly protected divisive figures like Craig.

The easily-flustered hairdresser's presence was invaluable as a driving force in the sniping and for his unrequited adoration for Anthony.

The programme structure has felt less contrived; no gimmicks as lame as prison-bars this year, and the meat-and-drink bickering has been more notable than the format.

Novel twists have often been productive, like the secret missions and master-stroke of giving Eugene a moral dilemma worth 50,000.

The low quality of rival reality shows also frames Big Brother in a good light; next to The Farm and Celebrity Love Island, it looks extremely well-made.

The producers will be lucky to again hit on such an eclectic bunch of oddballs as the class of 2005.

I think Big Brother was great, bringing laughter and entertainment too! But some disturbing parts involving Kinga! I'm sad it's finished, but we don't know what lies ahead in next year's Big Brother...
Emily Best, Bristol

Oddball contestants were more like a pantomime cast than 'real people'
Dave Hi, Whyteleafe, Surrey
There were some great characters this year, Science amongst others was most annoying but that's what made it entertaining. For those who don't like BB, the simple answer is don't watch it. The fact that the BB6 final attracted 43% of the viewing audience proves it is as popular as ever. Looking forward to next year's!
Mark, Bath

Sorry you lost the plot. Oddball contestants were more like a pantomime cast than "real people". Tasks were an insult to the people expected to carry them out, and as for secret missions - absolutely crass. If BB7 happens it has to be much better - make tasks realistic and with some creativity and difficulty.
Dave Hi, Whyteleafe Surrey

Reading some of the comments on here about the crowd booing for no reason, I can only wholeheartedly agree. I have always maintained that the rabble that make up that crowd outside the house on eviction night can only reaffirm my opinion that the bulk of the "great" British public are absolute dunces and fools. They would all really benefit in getting better mates.
Greg Beirne, Stockport, United Kingdom

It says something about the state of our country when more people watch this tripe than an excellent event like Live 8. I can't believe peoples' lives are so empty that they have to focus on other peoples' lives so obsessively. It was fun for about two weeks six years ago, but I think it's time Channel 4 went back to focusing on its other excellent shows. But they won't, this is a massive source of revenue for them.
Rob McDougall, Orpington, Kent

I don't understand how people who don't like the show and write here criticising end up on this link reading about the show and still know what has gone on in the house... no comprende. If Eugene is reading this, I cannot deny my love for you any longer... will you marry me? I promise I will never get bored of the old midnight mass story or how odd it is to drink tea from a clear glass.
Julia, Derby

The fact that Makosi is a strong, confident female means she was vilified
Laura, Walsall
It was an exciting final, but I was shocked by the harsh treatment of Makosi, both by the baying and hostile crowd and by Davina herself, who insisted that Makosi should show some "humility" and "remorse". For what exactly? It's just a gameshow and she played the game. Derek and Kemal were at least as bitchy and duplicitous - the fact that Makosi is a strong, confident female means she was vilified, whilst they were cheered by the crowd.
Laura, Walsall, UK

I think Big Brother 6 has been the best by miles! I am really gonna miss it!
Beth, Preston

Shocking - it is a waste of airtime appealing to morons.
Mike Hil, Pwllheli, Gwynedd

I think people have been very unfair to Makosi. Everyone in the house used to bitch about the others. But I think people have unfairly singled her out as the baddy.
Daquan Johnson, Leicester

Definitely gets better each year and becomes absolute compulsive viewing even though I swear not to get hooked! Well done Anthony, bad luck with the unacceptable booing Makosi. Late night TV will just not be the same!
Stephen Holland, Stoke, UK

I found myself getting very bored watching the same pro formae over again - bare bodies, swearing, drinking and very little to contribute to national viewing!! Time to rethink the formula BB.
Pamela Nugent, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dammit! Eugene should have won! He struck a great chord with all the closet geeks around the country, and was proof that the nice guy doesn't always come last.

It was cheap and nasty TV viewing - Channel 4 should stop flogging a dead horse
Megan, London
VERY VERY happy to see the back of BB6 - please, please, no more. Surely C4 cannot be that cruel to us viewers to see it all again? The first two were good but now it's awful.
Caroline , Hereford, UK

Loved it.
Jane, Liverpool

Davina was unfair in her eviction interview with Makosi. Davina encouraged hostility against Makosi in comparison with her other interviews with the likes of Saskia, Kinga or Craig.
Pauline Hermann, London

I loved Big Brother 6 and Science, Makosi and Craig will always be the three I remember most! However the treatment Makosi got on the final was awful viewing, I hope she is OK.
Amy, Newcastle

I've enjoyed the first four BBs. BB6 was appalling TV. All the characters were dull, boring beyond belief, shallow and lacked any personality. It was cheap and nasty TV viewing. Channel 4 should stop flogging a dead horse.
Megan, London

This year's BB was the best ever, Anthony was the only winner right from the start. excellent.
John Rushton, Bedworth, Uk

Considering how quickly those dreadful female contestants were voted out this year, I hope the makers of Big Brother stop selecting girls who only see this as an opportunity to launch a modelling/porn career! They aren't who the public want to see - Eugene's popularity has proved that.
Teresa , Fort William, Scotland

What a mad year - it's been great, can't wait for next year's!
Kayti Barratt, Hartlepool
Big Brother for me is always about the conversations that take place the next day discussing the previous night's events. This year so few people watched it in our office because of the time it saps and because they wanted to take a moral stand point. That said my girlfriend and I did enjoy it again, but I wouldn't say either of us had a favourite character. I hope next year Big Brother manage to find contestants that are likeable not just those willing to plumb new depths in terms of depravity.
Will B, Cambridge, UK

I went to the eviction last night and was astonished to hear the racist chanting towards Makosi. OK, so she deserved to be booed but there was no need for the torrent of racial abuse hurled at her. The security heard the chants and didn't do anything about it. I've never felt so terrified in my life.
Christina Bevan, London, England

Oh my god what am I going to watch now Big Brother has finished? What a mad year! It's been great, can't wait for next year's!
Kayti Barratt, Hartlepool

Have we not seen enough of this type of fly-on-the-wall type programming? New ground was found when Celebrity Jungle came on the scene, showing real entertainers entertaining not Joe Bloggs trying to make a name for themselves by being the first one to jump in bed with a stranger or get their body parts out.
Phil Shelton, Worksop, Notts

The crowd took audience participation a bit too far in booing at every given opportunity. Someone should have shut them up, it made me switch off.
Stephen, Manchester, UK

Half the housemates were vulgar, attention-seeking and offensive - the other half were as dull as dishwater
Jennifer Markey, Bolton, Lancashire
Won't know what to do with my evenings now! I'll have to get a life...
Grace Halliday, Northampton

Every year, I say the same thing - I'm NOT going to watch it, I'm NOT going to get hooked, I'm NOT going to spend all day at work discussing it with colleagues, it will NOT form the basis for each and every discussion at the pub. And every year, I weaken... My name is Chris and I am a Big Brother-aholic.
Chris, Chesterfield, UK

The fact that there were very few tasks this year was actually a very clever move by BB. It meant that the housemates really had to find ways to entertain themselves, and the real characters were exposed as they had so much time to get bored and insult each other. Every year I moan about the start of the programme and how I won't watch it, yet still I find myself glued to the television cursing the housemates right till the last day.
Ed Stanley, London, UK

Whatever anybody thinks of Big Brother, it's still the biggest and best reality show. There's nothing better than settling down to watch Davina present a live eviction - it's event TV at its best!
Andrew Holland, York, UK

I have always enjoyed watching Big Brother and have always had a firm favourite from the start. This year I've felt that the producers had tried too hard to place housemates in the house with so-called 'wild' personalities. The only problem is that when it actually came to living in the house, half the housemates were vulgar, attention-seeking and offensive. The other half were as dull as dishwater. Does this make great viewing - I think not!
Jennifer Markey, Bolton, Lancashire

BB6 has been compulsive viewing as it proves that you can always go lower
Oli, Deeside
BB6 has been a series of both extreme highs and extreme lows. While some of the episodes and characters have kept me hooked to the end of the series, others have made me want to switch off completely. The huge group divide that appeared mid-way through the series was compelling. With Team Saskia on one side and Team Diva on the other, the often vicious rows were fascinating to watch. Although previous series of BB have produced disputes, never have two camps been so strongly divided. Furthermore the mix of characters in the house have managed to provoke a whole range of emotions from me, which is a vital aspect of a successful series. While BB4 produced nothing more than a lukewarm feeling of 'like' I've found myself loving Craig and laughing at his bitchy comments.
Rachael, Stevenage

Where are all the normal British contestants? It's not very representative of the population as a whole. And apart from a couple of geeks with no clue, it's too full of attention-seekers desperate for tabloid cash when they leave.
Dave, Taunton

BB6 has been compulsive viewing as it proves that you can always go lower. The two scenes that made me ill with embarrassment for the housemates was Craig chasing Anthony while he was too drunk to fight back and Kinga's arrival into the house. Both events were voyeuristic but in a way that felt very uncomfortable. While Kinga was just trying to shock, Craig managed to show the public some very disturbing traits of human behaviour which will mark his place in media history. However, as celebrities, only Kemal and possibly Derek will be remembered in 18 months' time!
Oli, Deeside

I have found this series very hard to watch and most episodes have been turned off halfway through. Unlike previous years, I don't like any of the people in the house.
Kirsty, Cardiff

You might love them or hate them, but they were certainly entertaining
David Shorthouse, Sutton Coldfield

I'm glad to see the back of it, although I have watched a fair amount of the coverage. Some of the contestants have been truly awful, especially Makosi and Kinga. There have been some clever touches by Big Brother, to keep it interesting, but I wonder if the producers aren't trying just a little too hard to be clever. I find the whole thing annoying but compelling!
Colin Bradley, Milton Keynes, UK

Big Brother who? The first one was new and funny to watch, since then all you get is freaks trying to make a name for themselves. The sooner they scrap Big Brother the better.
Dave, Cardiff

The problem with this year's BB was that it was almost entirely populated with awful unpleasant people being awful and unpleasant to each other. It was entertaining to watch at times, but ultimately it was a demoralising experience as it became more about who was most hated, than who was most loved both by the public and the contestants themselves.
S, Glasgow

Thank God it's over! Maybe Channel 4 may show some more mature programs for those with the ability to think for themselves !
Alex, Dunfermline, Scotland

Good Bye, Good riddance. Please please don't come back again!!
Steve, UK

Without doubt, the best BB yet. You might love them or hate them, but they were certainly entertaining. BB has now got itself into the position other great shows in the past have - it is coming to the end of it's life. Great series, all different types of characters, now it's time to put it to bed and remember it with a smile.
David Shorthouse, Sutton Coldfield, England

Absolute trash, indicative of the sad country we have become
Richard P, Surrey

I have watched all of the BBs and this one has been the best. The tasks are much better. I have loved all the house mates and sometimes I couldn't stand them. I am really going to miss them all, but roll on BB7.
Laura Marshall, Lincolnshire

This year's Big Brother has been a big disappointment. The problem is that as the show follows the same format every year the new batch of applicants are so clued up on how to behave to shape the public's opinion that you don't get the same 'fly on the wall' feel that you did in the first few series.
Chris Whitaker, London

I've only been into a few editions of Big Brother in the past but as this one started out, I was drawn in. My intrigue was caused by Saskia and Maxwell's love interest, Kemal and his wacky outfits and Derek, who I just loved. However, as the series went on, the sex, extreme bitching and boredom was unleashed and since Maxwell and Saskia left, it has gone downhill. I'm slightly appalled at how our country can find Kinga getting off with a bottle entertainment as I just found it crude and disgusting. The whole point of Big Brother initially was a psychology experiment, somehow it's gone a lot further than that into rudeness and vulgar viewing. This season of Big Brother was interesting at the beginning, more like watching an experiment. Now it's cheap viewing which is boring and disgusting.
Felicity Holland, Ilford, Essex

Absolute trash, indicative of the sad country we have become.
Richard P, Surrey

I disagree with both of the reviews. It was neither "dull" or "refreshing". There has been plenty to keep viewers interest within the series in particular, the relationship between Anthony and Craig. However, few of the housemates have struck me as being likeable. Many of them were very self-absorbed characters. Indeed there has been more booing than ever of the evictees. I am also disappointed with BBs choice of female personalities - they all seem to be of the same mould - loud with big breasts! Are these girls supposed to be representative of the UK's female population - a scary thought!
Martin, Llandysul, Wales

The racial divide was a sociological treat for academics to ponder
Mark, UK

BB6 not as good as BB5. There have been no truly likeable characters on the show. Plus everyone knows that it's only worth watching the odd years, which begs the question as to why I've bothered all summer..
Helen, London, UK

This years BB has been actual reality TV. We have witnessed the true, selfish, self-absorbed, ignorant, unpleasant and badly-educated reality of the majority of British people alive today.
Max Richards, Cardiff, Wales

Everyone at work was talking about BB. I tried watching it, desperately trying to find something, anything, that could inspire me to join in the conversations. Yet every time within 10 minutes I was bored senseless with it. This is a record - previously I've managed 15 minutes at least once before giving up.
Jonny, England

Isn't it time this tired old shoddy format for a programme was consigned to oblivion? The contestants get more bland and yet less likeable each time - how do they do that?
Alex, London UK

BB6 was the best of the series so far - the producers cleverly tapped into the British class and race zeitgeist. Who could forget Chav queen Saskia and her pseudo-chav underling Maxwell? And the racial divide was a sociological treat for academics to ponder.
Mark, UK

I've loved this year's Big Brother. The secret missions, the 'unlucky' housemates, and the many twists have made this one of the best BB series. Not to mention memorable housemates like Derek, Kemal and Makosi. I've loved it!
Gemma, Edinburgh

If another country, like France, was so obsessed with Big Brother we wouldn't stop taking the mick!
Steven Simpson, Harrogate

I haven't enjoyed this series as much as previous ones. Despite getting off to a great start, all the housemates have turned very stale. For the first time I honestly don't care who wins, as I feel no emotions towards any of the remaining four. Had earlier characters such as Mary and Kemal remained, then perhaps my interest wouldn't have waned. As it is, I have stuck with it just to see what happens, but I am relieved that the series is over so that I can return to going to sleep at 10pm!
Helen, Cardiff, Wales

I find it unbearable now. It was ok a few years ago when it was new, the game, the show and people didn't really know what to expect but now, even the people in the house know what to do, what time the show will be starting on Channel 4. Give it a rest! And give all of us something new. You know if another country, like France, was so obsessed with Big Brother like our nation is we wouldn't stop taking the mick!
Steven Simpson, Harrogate

Personally I think this has been the worst Big Brother. All the arguing and bitching has been unbearable at times. It's so much better when housemates actually get on and have a good laugh together. I hope next year they pick a few people that might actually get on and like each other.
Susan, London

The original BB was a winner because it contained a group of (fairly) normal strangers learning to live with each other in close proximity. Now BB seems to cram in creeps and weirdoes who enter the house ALREADY acting like the Z-list celebrities they will become. I tuned off long ago.
Gary, Edinburgh, Scotland

BB6 has been compelling- from the 'Dark deceiver' Derek to the compulsive fibber Makosi and the constant bickering between Craig and Anthony, plus the geeky Eugene and Kinga's bottle incident. What am I going to do now it's over??!! (sobs)
Christine, Brighton

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