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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 January, 2005, 19:00 GMT
X Factor star ends Band Aid reign
Steve Brookstein on Top of the Pops
Brookstein's song is the 998th number one single in chart history
Steve Brookstein, winner of TV talent show The X Factor, has knocked the Band Aid 20 charity song off the top of the UK singles chart after four weeks.

All proceeds from Brookstein's version of Phil Collins' Against All Odds will go to victims of the Asian tsunami.

Record company boss Simon Cowell said the single should make several hundred thousand pounds for charity.

Cowell said: "The cost to Steve will be a few thousand but he didn't even think about it, he said 'I want to do it'."

Brookstein's Against All Odds has moved up to number one from the second spot, where it entered the chart last week.

Elvis Presley in 1977
Elvis Presley will make a chart comeback from next week
It has now become the 998th number one single in UK chart history. But Band Aid ended 2004 as the year's best-selling single.

Three of the top four singles in Sunday's chart were raising money for charity.

As well as Brookstein's donation, Band Aid proceeds are going towards projects to combat hunger and poverty in Africa.

In fourth place, former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating, who has released Father and Son with Yusuf, aka Cat Stevens, will donate his payment to the Band Aid Trust. Kylie Minogue is at three with I Believe In You.

Elvis Presley could feature strongly in the charts for the next few months with the consecutive re-releases of all 18 of his number ones.

The releases begin with Jailhouse Rock and All Shook Up, which both go on sale on Monday.

In the albums chart, US rock group Green Day jumped from 13 to one with American Idiot, knocking Robbie Williams' Greatest Hits off the top. The Scissor Sisters are at two with Maroon 5 in third.


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