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Jackson lawyer slates juror doubt
lawyer Thomas Mesereau
Thomas Mesereau said it was "time to move on" from the case
Singer Michael Jackson's lawyer has said he is "very suspicious" of two jurors who say they regret acquitting the star of child abuse charges.

Lawyer Thomas Mesereau criticised jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman for "changing their tunes" in an interview.

He said: "The bottom line is it makes no difference what they're saying."

The jury unanimously acquitted Jackson, 46, on 13 June after a trial which lasted nearly four months. Both jurors are writing books on the case.

'No doubt'

Ms Cook and Mr Hultman told US network MSNBC that they believed Jackson's teenage accuser Gavin Arvizo had been sexually assaulted.

"No doubt in my mind whatsoever, that boy was molested, and I also think he enjoyed to some degree being Michael Jackson's toy," Ms Cook told US show Rita Cosby: Live and Direct.

Michael Jackson after his child abuse trial
Michael Jackson was acquitted of all 10 charges in his child abuse trial
The two jurors said they agreed to go along with the other jurors when it became apparent that they would never convict the pop star.

They denied being motivated by money and were asked to explain why they were coming forward now.

"There were a lot of people that were interested in this case from day one," Mr Hultman said. "People expect to know what's going on with their justice system and how things work."

Ms Cook added: "I'm speaking out now because I believe it's never too late to tell the truth."

A third juror, Katarina Carls, also told MSNBC on Tuesday she initially agreed with Ms Cook and Mr Hultman that Jackson was guilty, but decided she could not convict because it was possible that Jackson's accuser was lying.

The jurors' comments will have no bearing on the trial verdict, which prosecutors cannot appeal.

jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman on US show Rita Cosby: Live and Direct
Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman spoke to US interviewer Rita Cosby
Mr Mesereau said it was "time to move on" from the case.

"Twelve people deliberated and out of that process justice is supposed to result," he said.

"Now, two months later, these jurors are changing their tunes. They clearly like being on TV."

Mr Hultman is writing a book about the case called The Deliberator while Ms Cook's book is entitled Guilty as Sin, Free as a Bird.

They are also working on a combined television movie about the case with producer Larry Garrison.


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