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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 22:34 GMT 23:34 UK
Shock eviction from Big Brother
Craig Coates
Craig had less than a minute to say his goodbyes
Craig Coates has been unexpectedly evicted from the Big Brother house, leaving four contestants in the final.

Viewers had been voting for who they wanted to win - and hairdresser Craig got just 4.1% of the vote.

In another twist, Big Brother offered Eugene Sully the chance to take half the cash prize now, leaving the other half for Friday's winner.

He accepted the offer - unaware that if he had rejected it, the prize pot would have doubled from 100,000 to 200,000.

As he made his decision to take the cash, he said: "It is probably a bad one, but by doing this I suppose at least there is two winners, one with 50,000 and the other with 50,000."

His housemates - who knew his answer could have doubled the final prize to 200,000 - offered their support when he returned from speaking to Big Brother.

Earlier, as he left the house, Craig was given just 30 seconds to say his goodbyes.

Feelings for Anthony

He exclaimed "I knew it, I knew it" and exchanged hugs with fellow contestant, Anthony Hutton. Once outside, he denied he was in love with Anthony.

He said: "My true feelings towards Anthony? I fancied Anthony at the beginning, I will be truthful, I did, but as I got to know him, I respected him as a person.

"As I got to know him for who he was, I no longer had those feelings for him, because I began to look at him as a member of my family, I think."

He declined to discuss his sexuality, adding: "How I was to him [Anthony] was not through attraction, or through a sexual nature, it was that I respected the bloke and really liked the bloke.

"I don't want my feelings to affect his chance in the house, to do well and to win this show."

A spokesman from bookmakers Paddy Power said bets were pouring in for Eugene - whom he described as "the loveable geek from Crawley" - to win the contest.

"Anthony had been the favourite for nearly a month but Eugene is making a late run for the money.

"His odds have plummeted over the last five days, but there's a long way to go yet."

Anthony is second favourite at 6/5, with Makosi Musambasi 20/1 and Kinga Karolczak at 40/1.

The show comes to an end on Friday after an 11-week run.

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