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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 12:44 GMT 13:44 UK
US singer Cohn shot by carjacker
Marc Cohn
Marc Cohn won the Grammy Award for best new artist in 1991
Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn has survived being shot in the head during an attempted carjacking as he left a concert in Denver, Colorado.

The musician - whose biggest hit was Walking in Memphis in 1991 - was struck in the temple by the bullet but it did not penetrate his skull.

"Frankly, I can't tell you how he survived," Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Cohn, 46, is married to ABC News reporter Elizabeth Vargas.

Police said a man tried to commandeer Cohn's tour van as it left a parking garage after the show on Monday.


The attacker was allegedly fleeing police after trying to pay a hotel bill with a stolen credit card.

Cohn's driver and tour manager Thomas Dube, seeing the man had a gun, sped up and swerved to escape - but the man fired a shot into the van's windscreen.

It grazed Mr Dube and hit Cohn. Both were treated and later released from hospital after the incident.

Mr Jackson said the bullet appeared to have been slowed by hitting the windshield and Mr Dube first.


Police have arrested Joseph W Yacteen, 26, on suspicion of first-degree murder, robbery and other charges.

The man allegedly fired several other shots at security guards and tried to take another car from a woman before getting away in a stolen SUV.

Cohn won the Grammy Award for best new artist in 1991 and his other singles included Silver Thunderbird and Walk Through the World.

Cher had a hit with a cover of Walking in Memphis in 1995 while it was turned into a dance anthem, Raving I'm Raving, by Shut Up And Dance in 1992.

That version reached number two in the UK charts - but Cohn strongly objected and it was deleted after just two weeks.


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