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Last Updated: Friday, 24 December, 2004, 18:12 GMT
Prince leads concert cash league
Prince's career has seen a revival this year
Prince's tour of North America has made him the continent's most lucrative live performer of the year.

His 69 city, 96 show tour took $87.4m (45.5m) during 2004, beating Celine Dion's Las Vegas residency, which came in second, taking $80.4m (41.8m).

The figures were published by trade paper Pollstar, which named Madonna as the third most lucrative performer.

Editor Gary Bongiovanni said: "It is by far the biggest tour Prince has done. It's a kind of a renaissance for him."

Madonna's tour took $79.5m (41.3m), while Metallica were ranked fourth in the magazine's table, taking $60.5m (31.4m).

1) Prince $87.4m (45.5m)
2) Celine Dion $80.4m (41.8m)
3) Madonna $79.5m (41.3m)
4) Metallica $60.5m (31.4m)
5) Bette Midler $59.4m (30.9m)
6) Van Halen $54.3m (28.2m)
7) Kenny Chesney $50.8m (26.4m)
8) Sting $50.1m (26m)
9) Toby Keith $43.7m (22.7m)
10) Elton John $43.3m (22.5m)
Source: Pollstar
Bette Midler was fifth, taking $59.4m (30.9m) from her shows.

Rockers Van Halen, country singers Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, Elton John and Sting completed the top ten.

Country performers had a particularly good year, with Tim McGraw, Shania Twain and Alan Jackson's tour with Martina McBride in the top 25.

Of younger acts, Usher grossed 29.1m (15.1m) while Kid Rock took $23.7m (12.3m), putting them at 18th and 24th in Pollstar's chart.

"I don't know if today's kids look at the music in the same way ageing baby boomers do," said Mr Bongiovanni.

"We don't seem to be developing the long-term headliners."

Of the top 100 performers, the average ticket came in at $52 (27) - with Elton John's tickets the most expensive, at $158 (82) each.

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