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Glastonbury 2005: Your reviews
Glastonbury fan
Glastonbury fans will have to wait until 2007 for the next festival

Thousands of fans have enjoyed - or endured - mud, music, and much, much more at the 2005 Glastonbury Festival.

If you went, how was it for you? Did your tent get flooded? Who were the best bands? Is it really worth getting muddy for? And what was your favourite part of the festival?

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Brian Wilson is an absolute legend and his band are awesome. My tent was one of those destroyed early Friday and it threatened to ruin the festival with wet clothes and lack of sleeping material, but the sun shone down and everything was good again.
Chris McQuiggin, Shropshire, England

Didn't matter about the rain or mud, Coldplay, Killers and Kasabian were absolutely amazing, and Fatboy Slim showed on Friday night how to control a crowd with an awesome set!
Phil Bowden, Bristol, UK

Muddy boots at Glastonbury 2005
Boots quickly became festivalgoers' footwear of choice (photo by David McCulloch)

Couldn't go this year, so watched a bit on telly. Jack White's apology for being American was the highlight for me! On the other hand, Bobby Gillespie has plummeted in my estimation for what he said. The Beeb does need to show more of the lesser known acts, and some of the more bizarre happenings. Hang on, didn't we all say this last year? Oh well, I've got two years to save for a ticket this time.
James, Bournemouth

I got back late on Sunday night. It was my first time there and would definitely go again. The best moment was when Basement Jaxx came on and rocked the Pyramid field. The most memorable thing was seeing a group of guys run down from the stone circle naked with rucksacks on their backs! The downside was taking two hours to get out of the car park on Sunday night as it was closed. The reason given was that they said that it was the staff car park even though there were lots of Glastonbury stickers on the cars! Not sure I would be happy if I was a staff member?
Emma Wells, Maidenhead

Cardboard 'shark' fin in the mud at Glastonbury
A man-eater swims in the Glastonbury mud (photo by Nick Timps)
Spot on, jolly good fun! Music, mud and sunshine! What more could a person ask for? It was most definitely "happening"! Cheerio chaps
Rupert, London

Just got back and what can I say, amazing! It was pretty hard work trying to walk and keep balance in the mud, but the pulled muscles in my legs are well worth it! Tom Vek, The White Stripes, Interpol, Brian Wilson and Primal Scream were ace, so roll on 2007 - oh yeah.
Emma Horan, Torquay, Devon - England

Simply the best experience of my life. The atmosphere, despite the mud, rain and minging toilets was unbeatable. The Kaiser Chiefs were fantastic as were Coldplay, The White Stripes, Thirteen Senses and Brian Wilson. GLC made for a very entertaining show. I simply don't understand people who didn't enjoy it. They obviously didn't get into the spirit of things. This was my first Glastonbury and it certainly won't be my last! Roll on 2007!
Abigail Ede, Swansea, Wales

Young festival-goer at Glastonbury
6 year-old Sophie Higgins enjoys the flood (photo by Karen Higgins)
Coldplay have a new fan. That was live music at its best...just awesome music. Never mind the mud, Glastonbury is something everyone should do at least once.....a year! Thanks for the best Glastonbury ever.
Rachel Willetts, Manchester, England

Sat at home AGAIN, couldn't get tickets AGAIN. Had to watch it on TV AGAIN. It still rocks though, best festival bar non. PS Eavis get me some tickets for 2007.
Matt, London

WOW! FAB! Although I was working in the most amazing food place, Manic Organic, with the most excellent team of beautiful people, I still managed to see a few bands and have the best night ever in Lost Vagueness. MMMM! bit of a blur though! During one occasion we were entering the hospitality area and bumped into a few photographers trying to photograph some young man by the name of Pete Doherty, I wasn't quite sure as to who he was but then it clicked and so did my camera, Pete caught at the right moment being seconded by two security staff. Thanks glasto for a groovy time and sorry to my dad who couldn't be there this year but maybe in 2007 you old hippy.

The festival certainly had its moments and I felt I was the only person not having such a great time - my boyfriend couldn't make it and the mud and smell of faeces everywhere was just too much to handle on my own. I went home on Friday night and came back for the Sunday, which made it bearable.
Jo, Bristol

Underwhelmed by the poor quality (and age) of most of the bands. Coldplay - left me cold. Beach Boys - please go and retire. Glad I only watched it on TV.
Jennifer, Chester.

Pyramid stage at Glastonbury
The early evening weather improves at the Pyramid stage (photo by Laurie Griffiths)
i think the Killers and Keane were fantastic but sadly I thought Coldplay weren't very good, they kept making mistakes so I went home. Every night I was covered in mud head to toe and every night I eventually got home at 02:00 in the morning! I brought lots of cool things and I hope I will get tickets in 2007! I met one of the people in the Wailers and he signed a piece of paper for me and I had a picture with him. I also got the maker of Glastonbury to sign my guide! This year was amazing I hope he carries on with it. But trying to get in was horrendous, you didn't no where you were going but I found the quickest route - gate C!
Alice Raywood, Othery

Great Scott... simply amazing... I could do Glastonbury time and time again!
Emmett Brown, Hill Valley, USA

Flags at Glastonbury
Flags at dawn (photo by Dave Ranson)
I think it's time that the event recognises that sufficient services need to be provided and expected for the high entrance charge. The situation with toilets and the mud is amateurish, it's not funny and puts a downer on the weekend. We pay a lot to enjoy the event, it's time to invest in proper essential facilities.
Paul, London

Glastonbury wet or dry is still amazing. Highlight has to be Brian Wilson and Coldplay for me. Although the Wailers were amazing. I'd love to know how much money the Pear Cider bar made through the weekend as well. Only down point would be that the mud made it hard to get to different places and that made me miss Chas and Dave.
Mike, Southampton

Excellent experience. Ninth time at Glasto, one of the best in terms of music, and weather - believe it or not! Got there on Wednesday and had one morning of rain and several days of blazing sun. Kickin'!
Paul, Bristol, UK

Jack White at Glastonbury
The White Stripes' Jack White on stage (photo by Andy Lepki)
Like the vast majority of people I was unable to get a ticket. Why is Glastonbury the only festival on this scale?
Pete Nightingale, Reading UK

I got back late on Sunday night! Still have not recovered from an immense experience. It was my first time and I would definitely go again (with a few learnt lessons in my bag though). We did not get flooded as we camped on a hill. It was brilliant to be exposed to such a variety of stimulating events, ranging from main stages (obviously), Jazz World stage, Lost Vagueness as well as Leftfield (saw Tony Benn there on Sunday afternoon). But I have to say that the moment with Sir Bob on Saturday afternoon was THE moment for me!!! Felt like I was a part of something that is extremely important. Few tips for next time: camp as high as you can, do not rely on cash points, go to Water Aid loos (and give generously to their charity), do not bring any food, bring minimal amount of clothes (I survived in one set of clothes), bring a bottle of water with you (after walking for an hour and putting up a tent on a hot summer day you will want to refresh yourself). Best Acts: White Stripes, New Order, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay.
Ognjen Marjanovic, Manchester

Glastonbury mud (photo by Phil Grimshaw)
Provided you can find some, that is (photo by Phil Grimshaw)
What a brilliant weekend. Coldplay rocked, the weather came good and we got a dry camping spot overlooking the Pyramid stage. Highlight of the weekend: Tori Amos. She is incredible.
Nick, Oxford, UK

Happening upon obscure, unknown bands and finding more and more music with edge, innovation and tunes that make you want to listen to them over and over again - MIA and Headland who played the Guardian tent on Saturday before Kasabian's surprise acoustic set were the highlights for me. Headland - one to watch........
Esther Ball, Oxford, UK

Back at work (already!) while some are still leaving the Festival! Highlights for me included the wonderful Brian Wilson (you can't beat Beach Boy songs in the sunshine!), Keane - superb as always, The Killers, & Coldplay (not many bands play Glastonbury at the same time when they are at number one in US & UK). Also worthy mentions to Elvis Costello, Beautiful South, & Chas & Dave (yes; Chas & Dave - you should have been there!). Downside has to include the mud; I was well prepared with wellies, but the effect was to slow everyone down. If you're in a hurry to see a number of bands on different stages, it makes it virtually impossible. Other downsides include the inflated prices (70p for a pink of milk, & the lack of co-ordination for the 'Make Poverty History'. I would have preferred an announcement that we should all be at the Pyramid Stage to show our support - at the same location. Still; those are minor gripes! Hope to see you in 2007 - if we can get tickets!
Dave Lovering, Exeter, UK

Glastonbury entertainment (photo by Daniel Lakey)
Inflatable robots chasing giant cows? Pull the udder one (photo by Daniel Lakey)
It was far muddier than last year, even though it only really rained for one morning. We camped out on the hill overlooking the main stage, and had a grandstand view of the thunderstorm and torrent of tents flowing out towards the Bristol Channel. I've been to a few Glastonburys now, and a wet one is always more entertaining that a dry one. The giant cows being chased by a huge inflatable robot was my favourite surreal moment.
Daniel, Wilts, UK

Killers and Kaisers superb. But the memory that irks me most? Sainted Chris demanding everyone who listens to his music agree absolutely with his political views/decision.
Evelyn, Glasgow

Just got home, an awesome weekend with great people, but I am irked by the fact that I could rarely get close enough to make out anyone on stage, the sound was out of sync and the place was a quagmire. I am also concerned that the whole festival thing is turning into a "global" product exactly the kind I would normally protest about! Peace, love and understanding man.
Mark Wilson, Cheltenham, UK

Sailing by at Glastonbury (pic: Paul Turner)
I've just got back from the site and after the initial soaking on Friday morning it turned into a great event with the likes of Coldplay and Magic Numbers excelling. However, Brian Wilson and his band stole the show on a sun-soaked Sunday with some all-time great tunes from a true pop genius. The voice may have aged but the sprit of the music is eternal.
Simon Bloomfield, Brent, London

Just got home. Cracking festival. White Stripes were great. Coldplay came across as bland. Get the Stones on in 2007!
Jimmy, Rochford, Essex

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