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Dead rapper was 'revenge target'
Kevin Hackie
Kevin Hackie said he was fearful about appearing as a witness
Murdered rapper Notorious BIG was a target of retaliation for the death of Tupac Shakur, a US court has heard.

Rap star Shakur's ex-bodyguard said his head of security, Reginald Wright, vowed to "get" BIG, whose real name was Christopher Wallace.

Kevin Hackie said Mr Wright told him: "We were going to get those (people) who downed 'Pac - Biggie and his crew."

A case for wrongful death is being brought by Wallace's family, who blame LA police department for his killing.

Compelled to appear

Wallace was killed on a Los Angeles road in March 1997, after seven shots were fired into his vehicle. His death came six months after the fatal shooting of Tupac Shakur.

Police closed an investigation into Wallace's death earlier this year, saying there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

On Wednesday Mr Hackie said he was afraid of "retribution from the Bloods, the Los Angeles Police Department and associates of Death Row records" for appearing as a witness in the case.

He was compelled to give evidence after Judge Florence-Marie Cooper issued a warrant for his arrest.

Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG was shot dead in 1997

Mr Hackie explained that he saw former LA police officer David Mack at events held by Death Row Records - Tupac Shakur's record label. He also said he saw Mr Mack talking to the label's boss Marion "Suge" Knight.

But under cross-examination Mr Hackie acknowledged that he had only seen the officer with Mr Knight and associates at large parties or "social functions".

Mr Hackie denied several remarks attributed to him in June 2004, including an assertion that Mr Mack "was a covert agent" for Death Row Records.

Wallace's family are attempting to prove through the courts allegations that Mr Mack was involved in his killing and that he had links with rival gangs.

But Mr Mack and the man who allegedly shot Wallace, Amir Muhammad, were dropped from the family's case and have never been named as criminal suspects.

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