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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 June, 2005, 12:26 GMT 13:26 UK
Academy turns down stunts Oscar
Scene from The World is not Enough
Dramatic film stunts can take weeks to co-ordinate
Academy Award organisers have voted not to create a new Oscar category to honour stunt co-ordinators.

They had discussed bringing in the category after a number of stunt men and women held a protest outside Academy Award headquarters.

The Academy has already refused to create an award for stunts several times, and says it does not want to make the Oscar ceremony any longer.

Only two new Oscar categories have been created in the past 25 years.

'Major role'

Make-up and feature animation now rank alongside the other categories, with feature animation the last to be added in 2000.

"At a time when the Academy is trying to find ways to reduce the numbers of statuettes given out, and looks at categories with an eye more focused on reduction than addition, the Board is simply not prepared to institute any new annual awards categories," said Academy president Frank Pierson.

Stunt co-ordinator Jack Gill, 50, who has worked on films such as Pearl Harbour and The Day After Tomorrow, has been lobbying the Academy for 15 years.

"Stunt co-ordinators are an integral part of the filmmaking business yet we are totally overlooked by the Academy," he said.

"It seems like every picture that is promoted has an action piece to lure audiences in there and the stunt people are central to those scenes.

"Even the Academy shows action scenes at the Oscars, yet they keep us out of it, despite the fact that we play a major role before, during and after production."

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