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Jackson 'to change his lifestyle'
Thomas Mesereau

Michael Jackson's lawyer said the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys, after the star was cleared of 10 child abuse charges.

"He's not going to do that any more," lawyer Thomas Mesereau told US network NBC. "He's not going to make himself vulnerable to this any more."

Michael Jackson has remained silent at his Neverland ranch since the verdict.

"He's going to take it one day at a time. It's been a terrible, terrible process for him," Mr Mesereau said.

'Excruciating' process

In a separate interview, the lawyer told US network ABC that he became "very worried" about Mr Jackson's condition during the four-month trial.

"He lost a lot of weight, he could not sleep, we would talk sometimes at three in the morning, four in the morning," Mr Mesereau said.

"He took it very hard, it was a very very excruciating and difficult process for him and his family."

It was a real gathering of family members all of whom are grateful to God for the result
Lawyer Thomas Mesereau
He described what happened when Michael Jackson, his family and his lawyers returned to the California ranch after last night's verdict.

"We basically had a very relaxed time. We said some prayers, it was a very light, nice gathering," he said.

"It was not overly jubilant, it was not artificial, it was a real gathering of family members all of whom are grateful to God for the result."

Next career move

Friends and fans voiced support for the star after the Santa Barbara Superior Court trial.

Elizabeth Taylor
Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time - now maybe people will leave him alone
Elizabeth Taylor
Actress Elizabeth Taylor said: "Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time. Now maybe people will leave him alone."

Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who appeared as a prosecution witness in the trial, welcomed the jury's verdict.

"I would never have married a paedophile," Ms Rowe said, adding: "And the system works."

The singer was thought to be considering his next career move at his California ranch.

Live 8 promoter Harvey Goldsmith said he would "obviously" consider adding Jackson to the bill of one of the 2 July anti-poverty concerts if the singer volunteered.

"Whether it's appropriate or not is another issue, whether he's in a fit state to work is another issue, whether he can work is another issue and whether he can work live is another issue," Mr Goldsmith told London-based radio station Capital FM.

Debbie Rowe
I would never have married a paedophile
Debbie Rowe
The 46-year-old singer co-wrote We Are The World, the US charity single released ahead of the 1985 Live Aid charity concerts to which Live 8 is the successor.

However, Mr Jackson appeared increasingly frail at his California trial and a swift return to the stage seemed unlikely.

London-based publicist Max Clifford said testimonies presented during Mr Jackson's child abuse trial would make it difficult for him to resume his career, despite his acquittal.

"Although he still has a huge fan base a lot of people are not happy with what emerged from the trial," Mr Clifford said.

Rev Jesse Jackson
Michael must assess the implications of the conduct that got him into trouble
Rev Jesse Jackson
"It's going to be an uphill struggle for him to get back to anything like the popularity he enjoyed in the past."

Simon Dornan, of the UK's Virgin Megastore retail chain, said there had been no notable reduction or increase in sales of Jackson's albums since his arrest in 2003.

"His back catalogue has been consistently popular, but he will need a brand new release to really boost sales," he added.

Civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson said the singer had been "tried and convicted in the newsroom".

But Rev Jackson added: "Michael must assess the implications of the conduct that got him into trouble."

Fellow campaigner Reverend Al Sharpton said: "Children have been dragged into court, Michael's reputation has been damaged severely. I think that there are no winners here.

"I don't think there's a reason for Michael or those opposed to Michael to gloat. There's a lot of pain, a lot of hurt here."

Watch Michael Jackson's father answer questions


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