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Pulling power of Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child end their career on an amicable high
The surprise announcment which marks the demise of R&B trio Destiny's Child brings to an end a force which has conquered the charts the world over.

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will bid their musical farewell on 10 September in Vancouver, in a split which appears to be one of the most amicable on record.

The women are still refusing to rule out another joint effort at some time in the distant future.

The trio are set to pursue their solo projects and say they "will always love each other as friends and sisters and will always support each other as artists".

Guiding hand

Destiny's Child's roots go back to Houston, Texas, in 1991, when founder member Beyonce Knowles started singing with LaTavia Roberson.

Destiny's Child
No No No (March 1998)
Bills Bills Bills (July 1999)
Bug A Boo (October 1999)
Say My Name (April 2000)
Jumpin' Jumpin' (July 2000)
Independent Women (December 2000)
Survivor (April 2001)
Bootylicious (August 2001)
Emotion (November 2001)
Lose My Breath (November 2004)
Soldier (February 2005)
Girl (May 2005)

The group began life as a foursome with Knowles' father the guiding hand in their rise to success and a major record deal in 1997 - and in early 1998 they dented the UK chart with No, No, No.

Their self-titled debut boasted the likes of Missy Elliott, Wyclef Jean and R Kelly on songwriting and production credits.

Destiny's line-up took some time to settle - but not before they had captured their first chart-toppers in the US with Bills, Bills, Bills and Say My Name.

Roberson and LeToya Luckett left the group in February 2000 to be replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin - who departed swiftly afterwards.

Now a threesome - with Beyonce Knowles as de facto lead singer - the threesome soared into a dominant force on both sides of the Atlantic.

Biggest splash

Independent Women Part I - from the soundtrack of the remake of Charlie's Angels - was number one in the UK and US, topping the chart for 11 weeks in America.

It was from this high point that the women took a break to branch out into solo forays, with Beyonce Knowles making the biggest splash musically and as a film star.

Beyonce Knowles arrives at the star-studded event
Beyonce Knowles has had the most solo pulling power

Her single Crazy In Love and album Dangerously In Love simultaneously topped the charts in the UK.

With a little help from rap star Nelly, Kelly Rowland reaped the rewards of a massive worldwide smash hit, Dilemma.

The trio had promised a Destiny's Child reunion, and a new album in 2004, Destiny Fulfilled, delivered that promise.

The return proved less stunning in the UK, but they topped the album charts in the US for 11 weeks - showing their pulling power was still massive.

With an album title suggesting the group has run its course, another joint effort seems an unlikely prospect, despite the never-say-never attitude of Destiny's Child.

They have a gruelling North American tour before their fond farewell - but it is unlikely to be too long before certainly Beyonce Knowles reignites her fire as a powerful solo artist.

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