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Last Updated: Saturday, 11 June, 2005, 00:24 GMT 01:24 UK
Lesley evicted from Big Brother
Lesley Sanderson
Lesley had been warned about her intimidating behaviour
Sales co-ordinator Lesley Sanderson has become the second person to be evicted from reality TV show Big Brother.

Her departure from the house came in the second week of the show after all 12 contestants faced a public vote.

Lesley, 19, was the bookmakers' favourite to leave after a series of rows with rival housemate Sam Heuston.

All the contestants were put up for eviction after Vanessa Layton-McIntosh broke house rules by discussing who she intended to nominate.

Lesley said she was not surprised viewers had voted her out and claimed she was happy to be leaving.

"I think it is because I went in there and I was a total bitch," she said.

"I do speak my mind, that is the kind of person I am."

But she added the house had brought out the worst in her.

Constant clashes

The eviction marked an escape for Conservative strategist Derek Laud and 23-year-old marketing student Sam, who received the most nominations earlier in the week.

Vanessa, a 19-year-old student from London, apologised to her fellow housemates after admitting she had discussed nominations.

Vanessa broke rules by discussing nominations
Lesley and Sam have constantly clashed in the last week, with arguments over everything from missing make-up bags to chicken nuggets.

It led to Big Brother warning Huddersfield sales co-ordinator Lesley that she could be evicted if she broke rules over intimidating behaviour.

"Bullies never win. She's toast," Ladbrokes spokesman Warren Lush had predicted.

"It is time for her to dust off the PVC nurse's outfit she wore when she entered the house.

"Too much bitching and backbiting has made her the most unpopular housemate so far this series."

Mary O'Leary was the first contestant to be evicted last Friday.

Model Saskia Howard-Clarke is currently joint favourite with male belly dancer Kemal Shahin to win the sixth series.

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