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Jeremy Deller: Art's democrat
Jeremy Deller
Deller is described as a "curator, producer or director" of projects
Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has been praised for bringing democracy back into art.

Deller, born in 1966, studied art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and much of his work involves collaboration with individuals and groups.

Often, his art is event-based and then filmed, with the film then going on show as part of a gallery exhibition.

"Art is often the idea. The event itself is usually something I have no control over," he has said.

His work includes Acid Brass, a series of concerts and a recording by the Williams Fairey Band playing brass band interpretations of acid house anthems.


One of his most famous pieces was a re-staging of one of the most violence clashes during the 1984 Miners' Strike.

The Battle of Orgreave re-enacted the clash and was filmed under the direction of acclaimed movie-maker Mike Figgis.

I am more interesting in living things than inert lumps of whatever
Jeremy Deller
He said: "I am more interesting in living things than inert lumps of whatever.

"It is more interesting to make something happen than make something."

The Tate Gallery describes Deller as "curator, producer or director of a broad range of projects".

His work includes orchestrated events, films and publications.

Other works include The Uses of Literacy, an exhibition of writing and artwork made by fans of the band Manic Street Preachers.

His mixed-media installation, Memory Bucket, is housed at art foundation ArtPace in San Antonio, Texas.

'Dark place'

The work, which has won him the Turner Prize, documents his travels through the Texan state. Deller's art is inspired by his interest in the social and cultural make-up that defines different societies.

His winning video was made after a trip to Crawford, Texas, the home of President George Bush. It was, he said, "about interesting people you met - people you bump into".

"It's a dark place Crawford - the most patriotic place in Texas," he added

Deller's other projects include After the Goldrush, an interactive guidebook to California.

His work has been shown as part of group exhibitions at Tate Modern, ICA and The Whitechapel Art Gallery in London.

"I am slightly re-directing the flow of something. I'm not necessarily trying to make something new," he has said.


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