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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 December, 2004, 15:17 GMT
Museums welcome tax break boost
Eden Project, Cornwall
The Eden Project is one of the UK attractions to benefit from Gift Aid
Museums and other visitor attractions run by charities will still be able to claim Gift Aid under a new scheme unveiled by Chancellor Gordon Brown.

In last year's pre-Budget report, the chancellor announced that he intended to stop charitable attractions from claiming Gift Aid on admission fees.

With Gift Aid, every 1 a UK taxpayer pays is worth an extra 28p to museums.

Now a new scheme is being introduced which depends on visitors donating an additional 10% on top of admission.

Museums will then be able to claim Gift Aid on both the admission fee and the donation.

"We are relieved by today's announcement," said Mark Taylor, director of the Museums Association.

'Financial disaster'

The need to attract an additional donation will be a challenge
Sam Mullins
Association of Independent Museums

"It should reduce the impact of what could have been have been a financial disaster for many of the UK's finest museums and visitor attractions."

The new scheme, which will benefit independent museums and other charitable attractions in the heritage and nature sector, will ask visitors to contribute on top of the basic admission charge.

Provided they donate at least an extra 10%, the whole amount will be eligible for Gift Aid.

"The need to attract an additional donation of 10% will be a challenge," said Sam Mullins, chairman of the Association of Independent Museums.

"But one advantage is that it gives us the opportunity to communicate our educational and charitable objectives to visitors."

The scheme will be introduced in April 2006.

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