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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 December, 2004, 11:42 GMT
Director's anger over film ruling
Audrey Tatou and Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Audrey Tautou, star of his new film
Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has hit back at a Paris court ruling that said his new film was not French enough to compete in French film festivals.

The court said A Very Long Engagement was too American as it was partially backed by Warner Bros.

"This film, adapted from a French novel, made in French, in France, is now suddenly not considered a French film," Jeunet said on his website.

He pointed out the film had employed 2,000 French people over 18 months.

Costly project

The film will now not receive any subsidies given to French-made films by France's National Centre for Cinematography (CNC), which makes state funds available for film projects it has approved.

Jeunet also pointed out that director Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great received funding from the French government despite not being filmed in France or in French.

The court noted in its judgment last month that 2003 Productions, a French company acting as the delegated producer for the film, was created solely "to allow the company Warner Bros France ... to benefit from financial help even though the fund is reserved for the European cinematographic industry".


The CNC initially approved A Very Long Engagement in October 2003.

However, producers' associations immediately began questioning the film's nationality and filed a complaint, resulting in a court cancelling its approval.

Set during World War I, A Very Long Engagement is one of France's most expensive films, costing about 45 million euros (31.5m) to produce.

French subsidies could be as high as millions of euros depending how well the film does at the box office.

Audrey Tautou in the latest Jean-Pierre Jeunet film

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