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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 November, 2004, 14:07 GMT
Actor Gere leads Aids fight at UN
Richard Gere
Gere has also spoken in Moscow on the issue of Aids
Actor Richard Gere has spoken at the United Nations in New York about his work to fight Aids in India.

Gere was at the first-ever global creative meeting on HIV/Aids, attended by the media as well as activists.

He is part of the Heroes Project, which is campaigning to combat the illness in India. He said they were a "family of people who want to touch the world".

Gere told the UN there was "no distance between me and this disease", adding he had lost a lot of friends to Aids.

He said: "Aids is something that is not conceptual to me it's deep in my heart, it's killed a lot of my friends, it's killed a very close friend of mine two years ago.


"It something that has touched my brother who is gay and he has lost a lot of very close friends. I've seen it close up and I've seen people deteriorate in six months."

The day-long meeting at the UN included sessions led by advertising, broadcasting and communications experts.

"People in the media are realising they have to think of more than the bottom line," said Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, who helped organise the session.

Last month Gere spoke at a conference in Moscow, urging officials to do more in fighting the epidemic.

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