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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 November, 2004, 17:09 GMT
Fans support Glastonbury ID cards
Michael Eavis
Michael Eavis was the founder of the festival
Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has said he has had strong support for his idea to issue festival-goers with photo ID cards instead of tickets next year.

He wants to beat touts after heavy black market trade in recent years.

On Wednesday, he said: "The response today has been very, very positive. We have had about 400 emails and I think about 90% are in favour."

He had been concerned the measure may have seemed too oppressive and asked for views via the BBC Radio 1 website.

'Big change'

On Tuesday, his daughter Emily said: "Rather than a ticket, it will be like an entrance card, and it really is to try to limit forgeries and touting.

"As long as it's approached in the right way, it might really work, it might really change the system."

The cards would include a photo and a chip with personal information that would be read at the festival gates.

Ms Eavis said it would be "quite a big step in terms of ticketing for events" if implemented and they were "going as far as we can" to cut touting and forgeries.


This year, all 112,000 tickets were sold within 24 hours.

They were personalised with the names of the purchasers and festival-goers were asked to bring identification, such as a driving licence, passport or household bill.

But some fans forgot to take the right information while some touts simply offered to supply their own ID along with the ticket bearing their name.

Ms Eavis also said they were busy booking bands for next year's event and preparations were "coming along incredibly well", but no line-ups would be announced until 2005.


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