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Last Updated: Monday, 22 November, 2004, 10:34 GMT
Rapper reclaims escaped wallaroo
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice appeared in UK TV show The Farm
A wallaroo and goat belonging to rapper Vanilla Ice will be returned to their owner after they made an escape.

Bucky Buckaroo, a large marsupial, and a kangaroo, and Pancho the goat broke out of a relative's back yard earlier this month.

The pair were captured after Bucky scratched a woman's car in Florida.

Vanilla Ice's permit for the pets has expired but he should be able to reclaim them after paying a fine to the Florida wildlife authorities.

"I'm pretty shocked at all the attention," said Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert van Winkle.

Temporary home

"They get more attention here (in the newspapers) than they do at home," he added.

Pancho was behind the escape - he nudged open an unlocked door with his head.

Their owner, who had a big hit with Ice Ice, Baby in 1990, could not claim the animals straight away because his permit had ran out so they are temporarily staying with an exotic animal breeder.

Vanilla Ice also appeared in the recent UK reality TV show, The Farm.

The three-week series broadcast on Five followed nine celebrities, including actress Margi Clarke, as they lived on a working farm.

Magician Paul Daniels quit the programme after arguing about Iraq with Vanilla Ice.

He left after the rapper criticised the British government for the "soft" way it dealt with kidnappers in Iraq.

Daniels walks out of reality show
28 Sep 04 |  Entertainment

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