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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 November, 2004, 16:46 GMT
Dylan track voted 'greatest song'
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan still continues touring
Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone has topped a poll to find the greatest 500 songs of all time.

The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction came second in the survey conducted among 172 musicians including Joni Mitchell and Elvis Costello.

John Lennon's Imagine was the third favourite song.

Hey Jude was the highest Beatles track at number seven, while they and the Rolling Stones boasted the most songs in the top 500.

Marvin Gaye's What's Going On was at number four while Aretha Franklin's Respect made up the top five.

1. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
2. Rolling Stones - Satisfaction
3. John Lennon - Imagine
4. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
5. Aretha Franklin - Respect
Largely absent from the top 20 were hits from the past 20 years, with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit the only one at number nine.

More than 200 of the top 500 were recorded in 1960s and 144 came from the 1970s.

Only three songs from the present decade were considered good enough to make the top 500.

Eminem's Lose Yourself was the highest at 166, while his track Stan was at 290. Outkast's Hey Ya featured at 180.

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