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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 November, 2004, 16:37 GMT
Fans' blood flows for horror film
Saw sees victims play gruesome games to save their own lives
Film fans have shed blood to see a gory new horror movie after free tickets were offered to blood donors in the US.

Saw is a bloody low-budget hit about a figure called the Jigsaw Killer.

People wanting free tickets flocked to give 4,200 pints of blood in the US Pacific Northwest in just two days, according to the American Red Cross.

That is enough to help save 585 lives. Saw has been a surprise box office success, taking more than $18m (9.8m) over the Halloween weekend.

It was in third place in the cinema chart behind another horror, The Grudge, and a movie about late soul singer Ray Charles, called Ray.

It has been such a success that film studio bosses have already ordered a sequel.

The story follows a serial killer who forces victims to harm themselves in gruesome games to save their own lives, or die trying.

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