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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 October, 2004, 17:44 GMT
Frankie's new vocalist unveiled
Ryan Molloy with two of the original band members, Mark O'Toole (left) and Paul Rutherford
Ryan Molloy (centre) will join the band on stage at Wembley Arena
Pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood have revealed their new frontman who will sing at a one-off charity concert.

Ryan Molloy, 28, beat 200 hopefuls who flocked to the open audition in Leicester Square on Sunday.

The band, whose 1983 hit Relax was banned by the BBC, are re-forming to play a one-off Prince's Trust concert at Wembley Arena in November.

But Holly Johnson, the original flamboyant frontman, decided not to take part.

Hit record

Original band members Paul Rutherford, Peter "Ped" Gill and Mark O'Toole staged the audition to find "new raw talent, girls or boys, young or old" to take Johnson's place.

Molloy, from Newcastle, will get to perform one of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's massive hit singles, which include Relax, Two Tribes or Welcome To The Pleasuredome.

The remainder of their set will be sung by an established surprise vocalist to be announced on the evening.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood split in 1987 and Johnson fell out with producer Trevor Horn, who is organising the concert to celebrate his 25 years in the music industry.

Holly Johnson
Malloy will take the place of singer Holly Johnson

The show, on 11 November, will raise money for The Prince's Trust and is being staged at Wembley Arena.

A spokesman for the event said hopefuls included familiar faces from Big Brother and some previous Pop Idol contestants.

He said: "We have heard some excellent singers. Some of them were really, really good."

Frankie Goes To Hollywood's first reunion after 17 years came in an April concert organised by music TV channel VH1.

Johnson turned up - but did not take part. Brian "Nasher" Nash is also not involved in the new concert.

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