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Last Updated: Friday, 30 July, 2004, 08:37 GMT 09:37 UK
Rock star Love's case transferred
Courtney Love
Love is due back in the court on 16 August for an arraignment
Singer Courtney Love's assault charge case was transferred on Thursday to a Beverly Hills court where she also faces drug possession charges.

Judge Elden S Fox scheduled the former Hole singer, 40, for an arraignment hearing on 16 August.

Ms Love's defence lawyer said the hearing had been moved so both cases could be heard in one courtroom.

Her assault charge stems from an incident alleged to have taken place at her ex-boyfriend's house last April.

The singer faces a charge in Beverly Hills Superior Court of allegedly possessing illegal painkillers during the incident in October last year.

Plea bargain

Case one: Being under the influence of drugs
- Los Angeles, October 2003
(Sentenced to 18 months in rehabilitation programme)
Case two: Illegal possession of prescription drugs
- Los Angeles, October 2003
(Case still ongoing)
Case three: Assault and reckless endangerment
- New York, March 2004
(Resumes on 20 August)
Case four: Assault with a deadly weapon
- Los Angeles, April 2004
(Resumes on 16 August)
Ms Love also faces a civil lawsuit over unpaid legal fees in Los Angeles

Ms Love could face up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted of possessing hydrocodone and oxycodone.

Love, was calm during her court appearance, saying "I guess so, yeah," when the judge asked her if she agreed to the transfer.

Love's lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, also tried to plea bargain the drug case at the Thursday hearing.

The case is currently charged as a felony. Mr Rosenstein said he had met with the prosecution to discuss having the charge downgraded to a different charge so that Ms Love could plead to a misdemeanour.

On Wednesday Ms Love was sentenced to 18 months in drug rehabilitation after she admitted being under the influence of cocaine and opiates.

The star is now banned from taking non-prescription drugs, drinking alcohol or being in places that serve alcohol.

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