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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 July, 2004, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK
Third Star Wars prequel is named
The new Star Wars film logo
The new film will be released in May 2005
The third and final Star Wars prequel - due for release next summer - will be called Revenge of the Sith, producer Lucasfilm has said.

The film, out in May 2005, links the prequels with the original trilogy by showing how Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil Darth Vader.

The film's title was announced at the Comic-Con International science fiction convention in San Diego on Saturday.

A Lucasfilm member wore a t-shirt that also showed the new film's logo.

The Sith are evil lords, such as Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, who share the same powers as Jedi Knights.

Director George Lucas did not attend the convention.

Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm's head of fan relations, removed a baseball jersey to show the t-shirt with the movie's logo.

"For some time now, the naming of a new Star Wars movie has taken on some special meaning among core fans who love to take part in guessing games and speculation before a title is announced," he said.

He then told the 6,500-strong audience: "Let the debate begin".

"I thought it was great, I loved it,' said fan Barren Wright, 35, from Modesto. "This takes it back to the classic trilogy.

"It's a smart move by Lucasfilm to tie it all together since the logo and everything is identical to 'Return of the Jedi," he said.

Return of the Jedi, released in 1983, was the last of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Is Revenge of the Sith a good title or could George Lucas have done better? Below is a selection of readers' views.

I think Lucas is gradually getting an idea of what the fans want. This one will be better than the last two but there is still lots of plot to tie up! This is definitely the best title of all the prequels, but then it's hard to see how he could have made it any worse than the first two.
Jonathan, Tokyo, Japan

Who cares about the title, please just make a good movie and redeem the series!!!
Maria, Chicago, USA

From the initial plot lines it is destined to be the best prequel. I still think Birth of the Empire would have been a more apt title.
Martin Heavey, London, UK

The film titles were always inspired by of old black and white science fiction serial episodes like Flash Gordon. With that in mind and the fact it mirrors ┐Return of the Jedi┐ I think it works very well. Hopefully the film will too!
Matt, Mountsorrel, UK

The title's great: it harks back to those great old public serials. If we're very very lucky the movie itself will be half as interesting.
Paul, Belfast, UK

I think 'Revenge of the Sith' is the best title ever, for people who understand the films and what they are about it explains quite a lot and lets us know what to expect from the movie. Most fans of the saga support this amazing title!!
Anthony Boffey, Wolverhampton

Although not an embarrassing title, it's as uninspiring as the first two films have been. The problem is that there is such a wide fanbase that all the decent titles have already been discussed on the internet so Lucas has to come up with something different (and rather naff). Like most people, I think "Rise of the Empire" would have been better but given Lucas' terrible ideas for titles I'm surprised it wasn't "The Sith Fight Back".
Jennifer Mack, UK

Enough already! Star Wars has turned into a hideous parody of itself.
Gina Snowdoll, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK

Not a bad title compared to the others, but isn't this just another attempt to cream more profits off a lucrative franchise?
Phil Baker, Northwood

Great title. I was expecting it to be 'The Birth of the Empire' or something like that. I can't wait to see Episode 3. Its going to be the most anticipated film ever and I know it won't disappoint. Lucas is a genius. I'm sure it'll also get a lot of negative reviews, by the pretentious people that slated Episode 1 and 2. But I bet all those people all own a copy of Episode 1 and 2 on VHS or DVD.
Rich, Woking, UK

An interesting title which highlights the difference in creed between the Sith and the Jedi. The history of the expanded universe tells us that the Sith and Jedi once co-existed but the Sith, due to their nature, became power hungry. The Jedi were forced to fight against their previous allies and eventually prevailed, with the Sith thought to be extinct. The new trillogy tells us that this was not the case and at least one Sith Lord survived. I hope that Return of the Sith saves the otherwise hollow trillogy from its current average status.
Corinthar Odus, Penarth, Wales

The point of ALL the titles is that they are deliberately melodramatic and 'naff'. Lucas himself has said that he was inspired by the B-movies of his younger days, hence the tongue-in-cheek nod to the titles of these films as well as their plots (and even the dodgy acting!) Let's face it, the guy has made an epic story out of six films, it's his baby and he should be left to name them as he feels, not be forced to pander to a load of over-obsessed geeks who really should find slightly more interesting things to debate!
Mark, Leics, England

Finally a title that sounds like a Star Wars film, and not a stomach complaint. Hopefully Lucas will go some way to redeeming himself with this final installment - but somehow I doubt he'll pull it off.
Jay, UK

I think 'Revenge of the Sith' sounds a bit extreme. I think the title should be something like 'The Uprising of the Sith'.
Thayyab, Gloucester, England

Personally, I think the title will suit the film fine, although 'Rise of the Empire' may have done just as well. But we must remember, this is a story being told over more than one film, and it will be fascinating to finally see how the 6 films will work together... roll on episodes 7, 8 and 9 =:)
Pete, England

I would much prefer "Star Wars 3: The Death of Jar Jar."
Karen, Portland, Oregon, USA

I cannot possibly imagine why this is even considered newsworthy.
Jeff Dahn, Highland, USA

What a popular kitchen detergent has to do with Star Wars I'll never know.
Chris Crowther, London

Revenge of the Sith: It Rocks!!
Claire Haste, Somerset, UK

"Honey I blew up the death star" ?
Michael, Bristol, UK

Martin, London

It's a great title, and hopefully the film will live up to the hype it's getting.
Jennifer Clark, San Diego, California

I always thought that an appropriate title would have been, "Rise of the Sith". Regardless, I am sure the movie will disappoint.
Tom Firth, Calgary, Canada

"Vader pulls a blinder". Much better.
Peter, Dublin, Ireland

Sounds like a B-movie title (again). Still, I like the fact they've used the word 'Sith', quite powerful!
Mark J, Richmond, UK

Disapointing title. 'Rise of the Empire' was what I expected. But the title will not stop me being there on opening night. Come on George, make episodes 7,8 and 9, don't stop now.
Andy, , Darwen, Lancs

You can't judge a book by its cover and in the same way you can't judge a film on its title. The chances are that the film will not win any Oscars for acting or directing and will get the 'token' oscars for sound, special effects, photography, costumes etc. The Times film critic will probably pan the film for its bad acting and rip into Mr Lucas but who cares? This will be the biggest film of next year and will gross billions from bums on seats and merchandise. Bring it on!
AJP, Bath, England

Title, Smitle... come on George, lets get back to good movie making. Hopefully, we'll actually care about the characters in this movie. Please let Jar Jar go...
Rob , Austin, TX

Dangerously close in spelling to something people might start saying if the movie turns out to be a dud...
Darby Vanderhoff, Clawson, Michigan

The title does nothing for me. I only hope that Lucas can pull off a truly great movie, something to challenge the magnificence and epic-ness of any part of the LOTR trilogy. That won't be easy so he will be needing all the force he can muster on this one.
FA, Zurich, CH

Title is fine ..... I'm more concerned about the quality of the film. The last two weren't a patch on the orginals. Just hoping the Lucas has somehow picked up on the fact that he was off-target with them and needs to re-think his approach
Martin, Sheffield, UK

I enjoyed the original trilogy, and have so far enjoyed the new one. The names always seem to be appropriate to the movie at hand. In Star Wars II: Empire strikes back the Empire struck back. In Attack of the Clones, the Clones did attack. In the up-and-comming, the Sith will be seeking revenge. As an aside, I've always wondered why someone would spend so much time to comment about something they didn't like instead of focusing on what they do like. Just a thought.
Nick , Indiana, USA

Sith? Sounds like something from the Old Testament. Lucas had better close down the mill. He has run out of ideas. Or rather the computers caught up with the modern big screen gurus, Lucas and Spielberg. Now anyone can do it.
Maurice Achach, Nairobi, Kenya

I don't think the title 'Revenge Of The Sith' is particularly inspiring but it beats 'Attack Of The Clones' hands down!
Mark Ladd, Glasgow, Scotland

Much better than "The Phantom Plotline" and "Attack of the Clowns". The film will be just as boring as the other two though...
Richard Harrison, UK

I think the title is reminisent of the glory days of Star Wars 3,4,5 and really fits in well.Hopefully it will shine brighter then episodes 1&2.
Chester, Ottawa,Canada

I was kinda hoping for "C3PO has a lousy day".
HA van den Berg, Coventry UK

The title of the film could have been the best title ever...but, it's the storyline that is much much more important. How on earth is Lucas going to combine so much evil into 2 hours of film? We've got so many areas to cover off, I'm not too sure that all the loose ends from 'Clones' will be sorted out in 'Sith'...just have to wait until next year to find out!
Obi Wan Pearce, Basingstoke, UK

A Classic title which definitley fits in with the epic genre-altering films that are Star Wars. Roll on 19th May 2004.
CWB, Birstall, West Yorkshire

Hmmm tricky. George Lucas has always relied heavily on the original trilogy for so-called 'new' Star Wars material. Ideally the names should be as original and evocative as the first three - but personally I think the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones fell short, so to be honest I'm not complaining about this slight retreading of the old film names... Far more important than the names however is the dialogue, acting, and direction! This was the main thing that has let Episode I and II down - the plot and CGI were OK, the rest was below average...come on Episode III, you're my only hope!
Spud, Brighton, UK

Not original. How many other movies' titles are "the revenge of..."? I can't believe some people make guesses about a fantastic future title, get impatient to discover what it's going to sound like... and just satisfy their curiosity with a pale Revenge of the Sith. Let's hope Mr Lucas chose to save his imagination for the movie realisation more than for the title!
Clara, Chamonix, France

A marginally less embarrassing one than the previous two, but then again all the Star Wars titles are not easy to say with a straight face in serious company. The original trilogy was so good, so it didn't really matter how poor their titles were, but the two more recent ones were rubbish in name and were rubbish to watch. Let's hope the Sith live up to expectations and massacre the risible characters introduced in episodes 1 and 2. Revenge upon Jar Jar Binks and Padme would be a good start.
Victor Houghton, London, UK

Let's hope that the film lives up to expectations. For Anakin's transformation to the dark side to be complete it needs to be as dark and evil as the title suggests. The classic story of good versus evil that has pleased the cinematic world for over 20 years will soon be complete and I can't wait to see the outcome. The force is truly with us................
Chris Mole, Basingstoke, UK

Can't think of anything that would be more suitable!
Sue, UK

I think this title ROCKS and will definitely be the best film yet!!!
Jez Barber, Smallville, USA

Well done! Jedi can't extract revenge because that would be beneath them... unlike the Sith who thrive on anger, lust, greed, and bloodthirsty revenge! THAT's why Episode 6 was changed to Return. I would have liked 'Rise of the Empire' or 'Rise of the Sith', but Revenge shows the evil nature of the Dark Side.
Don Robin, Cottesloe, Australia

Yawn. Another show of Lucas great depths inspiration that made the two latest movies such wonders of imagination, storyline and script. There is a reason why episode 5 and 6 had better story, etc, and that is because Lucas was NOT doing them alone. Episodes 1 and 2 only reinforce that need for some non-Lucas scripting and writing. Oh well, another one for the DVD club at best.
Jonas, Dublin, Ireland

I saw all 5 movies released so far again last year (having been a real fan long ago whilst I was a teenager) and thought to myself, "How could I have possibly liked this ? It's so awful!" As for 'Revenge of the Sith', the sooner it comes out, the sooner we can consign the whole Star Wars series to the dustbin of film history for its poor acting and obsession with special effects.
ML, London, England

Revenge of the Sith is a good title, but it probably wouldn't mean anything to a casual movie-goer. Rise of the Empire would have been better.
Chris, anon

What a great title! I've been watching all 5 films back-to-back on most weekends and can't wait for ROTS. Hopefully, it'll be a little shorter than the first 2.
Stuart Witts, Chorley

I can never understand the Star Wars naming frenzy that erupts each time a character is named. "Ohh he's called Mango Chutney, that must mean he has the Eastern powers of the Sith" etc. Sorry guys and gals but George Lucas and co make up the names.
Dean Geoghegan, London, England

Awesome!!! At last a decent Star Wars prequel title. More like the original trilogy titles, and it also adds to the feel of the original.
Alan Stokes, Staffordshire, UK

Revenge? If the 'Sith' wants revenge then surely all he needs to do is force them to watch episodes 1 and 2 again.
Kristian Biddles, Guildford England

I don't mind what it's called - I'll be there on opening night!
Nevon, Amsterdam

A little bit too much like "Revenge of the Nerds". Then again, maybe that's appropriate ...
Tom O'Brien, Sydney, Australia

The title doesn't really matter - this Trilogy is already far behind Lord of the Rings!
Peter Bowles,

What can a title add more than the bigger problem that will arise: "Revenge of the Sith" must be visually more up-to-date in comparison with the last ones. It will then clash with the first three movies which will look outdated and from another period...
Michael B, Baarn, The Netherlands

Any one who bleats about this is NOT a true Star Wars fan. Revenge of the Sith is a superb title and a fitting conclusion to an excellent prequel trilogy.
Edward, London, UK

Who cares about the title - It's all about the content of the film and how they are going to merge the new to the old!!
Dan , Milton Keynes, UK

Considering his over use of computer graphics in the last two films, I reckon the new film should be called 'The Return of the Blue Screen'.

Good to know the new title and I'm looking forward to the film. They have called it revenge as the Sith were wiped out by the Jedi at some point ( a few thousand years or so ?) in the past. They have now come back and are going to take revenge on the Jedi. Great way to announce the film as well at a convention for the fans. Well done to Lucas for the great films and let's hope that this one takes us back to standards the original three films.
Mark , Boreham Wood/Elstree (home of the first three films!)

After 'Attack of the Clowns', sorry I mean Clones, anything would sound good.
Mark Large, Wales

There was a moment in the Attack of the Clones when Yoda said " the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen". I think "Shroud Of The Dark Side" would have been a great name. I am still looking forward to the film in any case.
Kieran, Bracknell

It's true to Star Wars - besides, any title is better than The Phantom Menace!!!
Ketan, Neasden, UK

'Rise of the Empire' would have been far more fitting.
Mat Rawlings, Staines

Unoriginal. It hardly matters though as the film is guaranteed to be another overblown, badly-acted cartoon.
Trevor Blayney, Belfast, N Ireland

To be honest, it doesn't matter to me what it's called, because I won't see it. After the massive hype and even larger disappointment of Phantom Menace, followed by the wreckage that was Attack of the Clones, I'm just not going to bother with this one. I'll just enjoy the first trilogy and try not to think too much on "what could have been" with the prequels.
Jonathan Keith, London

Far better than the other rumoured title 'The Creeping Fear'. 'Revenge of the Sith' is perfectly harmless really.
Alexander Wright, Manchester, UK

I think it is a great original title which also you find familiarity to the other Star Wars films, books and games. Lets hope it keeps up the standard of the Star Wars universe.
Phil , Cheshire

I'm sure George Lucas said that the whole point of Star Wars is to recreate his Saturday-afternoon movie experiences of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. So the title is perfect - primary colours; slightly melodramatic; something an eleven year-old can relate to. Sith thirst for revenge, Jedi return to save the galaxy. Classic stuff!
Steve Harris, Oxford, UK

Had Lucas timed the third film properly, he could have milked the Morrissey revival and called it Revenge Of The Smiths.
Steve, London

"Revenge?" I'm so sick of words like revenge, terrorism, and evil! They're such cheap-shots. I wish people were more creative.
Ingrid, Santa Cruz, CA

"Revenge of the Sith" does tie in nicely with the other films, and also links with the expanded universe of Star Wars graphic novels and literature in that the Jedi all but wiped out the Sith millennia ago!! It's obviously going to be a darker film (hopefully in the same vein as "Empire Strikes Back"), so requires a darker title. Perhaps we'll also see the tragic demise of one of cinema's greatest characters... Jar Jar Binks!!!!!!!!
Simon, Cardiff, UK

I could really care less about the title of the film at this point. What I do care about is seeing a good Star Wars film that in some way compares to the originals. As a lifelong fan I admit I have lost faith in Lucas from Episodes 1 and 2. Hopefully "Revenge of the Sith" will make up for the two previous lacklustre efforts.
Mike, Spokane, Wa, USA

I think it's the perfect title. It's nicely circular in that it allows the original trilogy closure in the same way as the prequel trilogy - which is how new generations will view the series.
Mike Allum, Andover, England

Will it be known as ROTS for short? That's not a good sign.
Mat Hyde, London UK

I agree the title ties up alongside "Return Of The Jedi". But I don't see how it is really "Revenge". Maybe "Ascent Of The Sith" would have been more apt.
Sam Allen, Cheltenham, UK

This title was guessed at three years ago by fans and hasn't caused any fuss until now, because there is nothing wrong with it. It will reflect the plot as a film title should, so how can it be realistically bettered.
Stephen, Grays, Essex

It's a far better title than the previous two efforts in this new trilogy and does remind one of the trilogy of old. Whether one will be able to say that about the new film, we'll have to wait and see.
Mike, Croydon

A welcome return to the spirit of the original films, I think "Revenge of the Sith" will slide nicely up the screen after that 20th Century fanfare that brings the whole cinema to the edge of its seat, waiting to see the next instalment in the spectacle that is Star Wars.
Paul, Winnersh, Berkshire

Boring, Dull and unoriginal. You'd think George Lucas, he of the great imagination, could have come up with something a bit snappier, after all, Return of the Jedi was originally going to be called Revenge of the Jedi.
Alan P, Edinburgh Scotland

It doesn't really matter what the film is called, its guaranteed to be a blockbuster, and I can see it being the biggest grossing film of the Star Wars series yet.
Danny L, Kilmarnock, Scotland

I like it. It returns to the original trilogy and also gives a particular nod to the Return of the Jedi, whose name was originally Revenge of the Jedi.
Dave, Swindon, UK

At last! A proper Star Wars title that takes us back to the original three and hopefully let us forget such crimes as "Attack of the Clones".
Francis Gilbert, Washington, Tyne & Wear

It doesn't give me a warm and tingly excited feeling. A bit flat, I think.
James S, London, UK

Revenge for what? Suggests something before even episode one that happened to the Sith that they have a grudge against. Intriguing... a lead in to a possible prequel to Phantom Menace?? I would have preferred something like 'Rise of The Sith' would be better. Just makes my mouth water.
Yi, HK

It has a more sinister feel to it than Episodes I & II which had more 'comical' titles. This would also have tied in nicely if Lucas had kept the original title for for Episode VI - 'Revenge of the Jedi'. On the whole - looking forward to what should be the 'Empire' of the new series.
Baz Ricketts, Stourbridge, Centre of the World

I love it, and I'm sure the movie will live up to its title.
Scott Visco, Somerville, NJ USA

I like it. It definitely ties together the original series and the prequels. "Return of the Jedi" was originally titled "Revenge of the Jedi" if memory serves. I believe the title was changed because the studio (perhaps?) thought the word "revenge" seemed too strong. So "Revenge of the Sith" strikes me as a good way to bridge old and new...
Rob Wyatt, South Lake Tahoe, CA

As an author of many books I am well aware of the impact of titles. What concerns me about "Revenge of the Sith" is that it sounds like someone is trying to say 'Revenge of the sick', but has a lisp. Also, who is the Sith? (So I am afraid this title doesn't work for me
Ken Bullock, kawana Island Australia

It's not as if the other movies in the series benefited from anything better! I just hope George makes up for the below-par efforts of Episode I & II!
Christian, Cardiff

"Return of the merchandise" more like.........
Jon It's a lazy title which sums up the nature of the new films. It's an obvious but hardly sophisticated nod to Return of the Jedi.
Simon Norris, London

I love it as it brings closure to the whole saga. I'm putting my order in for the t-shirt now and hopefully I'll be the first in the office as it is a fact that most men of my age love the films as we grew up with them.
Andy, Croydon, UK

A great title, in keeping with the whole saga. The fact that the artwork even draws from "Return Of The Jedi" only adds to a fitting end to the Star Wars movies.
Simon, Herts

No matter what its title, based on the disappointment of the last two prequels I am sure it will pale in comparison to its predecessors.
Lars, Sacramento, CA

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