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Last Updated: Friday, 23 July, 2004, 09:21 GMT 10:21 UK
Love arrest warrant 'must stand'
Courtney Love
Ms Love is being treated in hospital
A judge has refused to suspend a warrant for the arrest of Courtney Love for failing to appear in court on charges of assaulting a woman.

Her lawyer said the decision meant Ms Love now feared arrest if she returned to California to face the charges.

Michael Rosenstein said he now hopes to sneak Ms Love in and out of a Los Angeles court to go before a judge, before she can be taken into custody.

Ms Love, 40, is currently recuperating in a New York hospital.

She was taken to the private centre for an unspecified gynaecological problem hours after she was declared a fugitive for not appearing in court on the assault charge on 7 July.

Case one: Being under the influence of drugs
- Los Angeles, October 2003
(Sentencing postponed on 16 July)
Case two: Illegal possession of prescription drugs
- Los Angeles, October 2003
(Case still ongoing)
Case three: Assault and reckless endangerment
- New York, March 2004
(Resumes in September)
Case four: Assault with a deadly weapon
- Los Angeles, April 2004
(California arrest warrant served on Ms Love on 9 July)
Ms Love also faces a civil lawsuit over unpaid legal fees in Los Angeles

"We're trying to secret her into the jurisdiction so we can present her in front of the tribunal to post bond and get matters going, without arrest," said Mr Rosenstein.

Celebrity status

He added that he expected Love's return "within the next few days".

Mr Rosenstein admitted it would be difficult for Ms Love to avoid arrest because of her celebrity status.

The assault charge stems from an incident on 25 April 2004 when Ms Love is alleged to have attacked a woman with a bottle and a torch at the Los Angeles home of former manager and ex-boyfriend Jim Barber.

Ms Love, the widow of grunge rocker Kurt Cobain and a former singer with the band Hole, still faces a drug possession case in Beverly Hills and a separate reckless endangerment case in connection with a New York nightclub incident.

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