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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 July, 2004, 12:20 GMT 13:20 UK
Sambrook's career in the news
Richard Sambrook
Sambrook joined the BBC in 1980
The outgoing director of BBC News, Richard Sambrook, has had a turbulent final year in his role as head of the corporation's news division.

Following the disputed Today news report into weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Mr Sambrook publicly backed the journalist responsible, Andrew Gilligan.

In the Hutton Report Mr Sambrook was criticised over "defective" editorial procedures for dealing with complaints.

Mr Sambrook himself admitted during the inquiry that mistakes were made and after the affair called on the need to "rebuild the trust in BBC News".

Now his tenure as news chief has ended after three years, with a move to become the head of the BBC's World Service and global news division.

He was appointed director of BBC News in 2001, taking over from Tony Hall. He had been deputy director of the division since 1999.

He joined the corporation from local newspapers in 1980 as a sub-editor in the radio newsroom. He moved up the ranks to become head of its newsgathering operation in 1996.

During this period he led an expansion of the BBC's overseas news teams, creating dedicated bureaux around the world.

He has also served as a senior producer and deputy editor of the Nine O'Clock News, working in the Far East, Europe and US.

When he took over as director of news he became responsible for 2,000 journalists in 57 centres around the world.

In his new role, he will continue to serve as a member of the BBC's new journalism board, which is responsible for developing its editorial policies.


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