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Last Updated: Monday, 19 July, 2004, 16:13 GMT 17:13 UK
US critics applaud new Ali G show
Ali G as Borat
The Kazakh reporter Borat once again features in the show
The second series of British comic Sacha Baron Cohen's Da Ali G Show has started in the US to positive reviews.

The series - which features Baron Cohen interviewing political figures in the guise of his clueless creation Ali G - has been called "terrifyingly funny".

He also appears once again as the Kazakhstani TV reporter Borat, and the Austrian fashion guru Bruno.

The New York Post's critic "laughed so much, I'm sure I hurt something, maybe in my back, or maybe in my front".


"Sacha Baron Cohen, (alias Ali G, Borat, and Bruno), is not just insanely funny, he's terrifyingly funny. And I do mean terrifying," the critic said.

"He assumes personas that are so out-of-control, and so hilarious and so scary, that you only stop laughing out loud long enough to hide your eyes and cringe."

The first episode on the HBO channel saw Ali G interview former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, who said Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was "slightly better than Lethal Weapon 3".

He also interviewed Sam Donaldson, the anchorman for ABC News, asking him if he was tempted to use the headline "War Begins" on a slow news day.

The Boston Globe's critic said he "commands respect - 'respek', he would put it - as he returns to the air".

However, the Los Angeles Times said: "Though Baron Cohen is clever and amusing and quick on his feet, his humour boils down to a few endlessly repeated gambits."

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