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Last Updated: Monday, 19 July, 2004, 09:33 GMT 10:33 UK
X-Men director 'to film Superman'
The Superman comic strip inspired X-Men director Bryan Singer
X-Men director Bryan Singer is to shoot the new film version of Superman, replacing departing Charlie's Angels director McG, it is reported.

Studio Warner Bros parted company with McG in a dispute over the film's budget, the Hollywood Reporter said.

It said Singer had "dreamed" of directing a Superman film, adding the character inspired his work on X-Men.

"I feel that Superman has been late in his return and it is time for him to fly again," Singer told the paper.

The project has been hit by a series of personnel changes amid reported disputes over budget, casting, location and scripts.

Casting disputes

Tim Burton and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner had earlier been linked to the shoot, while Nicolas Cage, Jude Law and Josh Hartnett have all been touted to play Superman.

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man
Spider-Man is another comic book hero doing well at the box office
Roswell star Jason Behr and New York Minute actor Jared Padalecki were also named as possible candidates.

Brett Ratner apparently withdrew over budget and casting disputes, while his top choice actor - soap star Matt Bomer - was rejected by the studio.

Director McG - real name Joseph McGinty Nicol - is also said to have clashed with Warners over casting, location and budget. The studio reportedly wanted to shoot in Australia while he favoured New York.

Director Singer had been scheduled to work on the third X-Men film - which he now looks unlikely to do - as well as a Warner Bros remake of Logan's Run.

At one time Warners had considered drafting in Troy director Wolfgang Petersen to shoot a Batman vs Superman script, but then reportedly decided to pursue separate films.

Producers Neal Moritz and Gilbert Adler have also reportedly left the troubled Superman project.

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