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Last Updated: Friday, 16 July, 2004, 12:27 GMT 13:27 UK
Singapore lifts Sex and City ban
Sex and the City
Sex and the City has been banned in Singapore for five years
Sex and the City is to be shown in Singapore after years of being banned in the conservative city-state.

US channel HBO took out newspaper ads with the slogan "Love is always worth the wait" to announce Friday's debut.

The showing of the programme comes as the government continues to loosen up strict regulations.

But the show's "mature subject matter", centring on the sex lives of single women in New York, is still at the mercy of censors.


Officials at the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts have censored parts of the first programme.

Scenes featuring Samantha, played by Kim Catrall, exposing her breasts and using sexually charged expletives have been deleted.

But much of the show remains in its original form, including candid discussions about sex, homosexuality and verbal banter.

Caroline Wong, a spokeswoman at HBO Asia said: "When we get the original tapes, we'll send it to them, and then they will look through it and they will say 'Okay guys we want this, this out of here because of this'.

"If they say nudity and language have to go, then we will edit accordingly."

The government ended the ban on Sex and the City in September but delayed the first broadcast.

The change of heart came after the government media watchdog introduced a new television rating system which allows programmes with mature content and themes to be aired from 10pm for viewers aged 18 and over.

Strict rules governing a number activities in Singapore - such as bungee jumping and dancing - have been lifted in the past few years as officials try to promote a more cosmopolitan image and attract more tourists.

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