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Monkhouse passes on jokes in will
Bob Monkhouse
Monkhouse was devastated when his joke books were stolen
Bob Monkhouse ensured his treasured jokes would live on by bequeathing his entire collection to a fellow comedian.

The entertainer, who died of prostate cancer in December 2003 aged 75, left his joke books to friend and fellow comedy writer Colin Edmonds.

The books, which span 25 years, were stolen in 1995, prompting Monkhouse to offer a 10,000 reward before they were returned 18 months later.

The star left the bulk of his 1.4m estate to his second wife Jacqueline.

But he made special provision in his will for his beloved jokes.

He inserted a clause which stated: "I give all my gag books, specifically the two loose-leaf handwritten files and the eight loose-leaf typewritten files in their pilot cases, and all the copyright therein, free of inheritance tax, to Colin Edmonds."

Charity donations

Edmonds was responsible the 1970s sitcom Love Thy Neighbour.

During his lengthy career, Edmonds has written for various comedians including Tom O'Connor, Little and Large, Mike Yarwood and Brian Conley.

Details of the will were made public this week.

Monkhouse's god-daughters, Marianne Murray and Emma Jane Ismay, each received 10,000.

He also made donations to charities including the NSPCC, RSPCA and Amnesty International.

Monkhouse, who was one of the UK's best known entertainers, battled prostate and bone cancer for more than two years.

He was probably best known as a host of popular TV game shows including Celebrity Squares and Family Fortunes.

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