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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 July, 2004, 15:11 GMT 16:11 UK
Thunderbirds film 'ignored maker'
Gerry Anderson
Gerry Anderson said he would not go and see the film
Gerry Anderson, the man who created 60s puppet TV series Thunderbirds, said he was snubbed by the makers of the forthcoming film, it has been reported.

He said Working Title, the film's co-producers had written him a letter saying his creative services were not required, the Independent reported.

"That's the biggest insult I've ever had in my life. I just cut myself off from the whole thing," Anderson said.

The film, starring Ben Kingsley, will be released in the UK on 23 July.

The film was made in Pinewood Studios, where Anderson has his own production office.

He said the film's stars and director had been apologetic over the decision not to use him, and that Working Title had offered him money if he publicly supported the film.

'Upset with everything'

"They offered me money to say how nice the picture was," he said. And to impress me, they sent me the pictures of the new 'Rolls Royce'."

One of the film's characters, Lady Penelope, drove a pink Rolls-Royce in the TV series, but the company's current owner, BMW, would not allow them to use the Rolls-Royce trademark for the film.

Lady Penelope's vehicle in the film will instead be a Ford.

Thunderbirds still
The film features live action, not puppets

Anderson said he was sent an image of the car to his computer. "I took one look and thought, if that's the kind of movie they're making, I'm out."

Working Title's president of marketing David Livingstone told the Independent: "The reality with Gerry is that he's upset with everything."

Anderson said he refused to go and see the film, and is instead channelling his energies on a new TV series of Captain Scarlet, which he also created.

"I don't give a damn simply because every minute of the day I'm tunnel-visioned on the new Captain Scarlet. I believe we have a smash hit on our hands," he said.

A Working Title spokesperson told BBC News Online the company had no further comment to make.

Anderson was unavailable for further comment.

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