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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 July, 2004, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
Cinderella named 'top fairytale'
BBC's 1993 version of Cinderella
Cinderella is regularly revisited, as in this 1993 BBC television adaptation
Cinderella has been voted the most popular fairytale in a children's poll, more than 300 years after the story was written.

The classic tale was chosen by 36% of the 1,200 children questioned by cinema chain UCI.

Sleeping Beauty was second, with Hansel and Gretel in third place.

UCI spokeswoman Lianne Butterfield said: "The classic fairytales are timeless stories that have relevance to our lives today."


Disney's Cinderella II
1. Cinderella
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Hansel and Gretel
4. Rapunzel
5. Little Red Riding Hood
Source: UCI Cinemas
Cinderella tells the story of the daughter who defies her cruel stepmother to meet her prince at a royal ball.

The 17th Century writer Charles Perrault is widely credited as its author, however there are written examples of stories similar to Cinderella in Chinese manuscripts from as early as 850AD.

With second favourite Sleeping Beauty winning 17% of the vote, Cinderella topped the fairytale poll by a considerable margin.

The story is regularly revived as a pantomime, has been adapted for television and was made into an animated film by Disney in 1950.

Disney also made a sequel, Cinderella II, two years ago.

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