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Last Updated: Friday, 9 July, 2004, 14:09 GMT 15:09 UK
Bowie recovers after heart surgery
David Bowie
Bowie was forced to cancel a string of European shows
Music legend David Bowie is recovering at home in New York after emergency heart surgery.

Bowie, 57, had an operation last month in Germany - where he was on tour - to treat "an acutely blocked artery", his spokesman said.

He left hospital earlier this week and is convalescing at home in New York, the spokesman added.

Some of Bowie's legions of fans have begun leaving 'get well' messages on internet fan site message boards.

The star's cancellation last month of 11 European dates was originally attributed to a shoulder injury.

The spokesman said Bowie sought treatment for what was thought to a be a pinched nerve in his shoulder after performing at a festival in the north-western German town of Scheessel.

I won't be writing a song about this one
Bowie, on his emergency op
It was then that doctors discovered he had an acutely blocked artery that required an emergency procedure known as an angioplasty.

The spokesman said Bowie hoped to return to work next month, and to begin recording over the next year.

"I can't wait to be fully recovered and get back to work again," Bowie said.

A treatment to improve blood supply through an artery
Fatty tissue, responsible for narrowing arteries, is squashed, allowing blood to flow more easily
A catheter - a fine hollow tube - with a small inflatable balloon at its tip is inserted into a vein in the groin under local anaesthetic
It is then guided using X-ray to a coronary artery until it reaches the narrowed or blocked section
The balloon is then gently inflated to flatten the fatty tissue
A short tube of stainless steel mesh - a stent - may then be inserted to prevent the problem recurring
Around 23,500 angioplasties performed on patients with angina in the UK each year. Nine out of 10 operations are successful
"I tell you what, though, I won't be writing a song about this one."

Bowie's spokesman told BBC News Online that the singer monitored web message boards. Thousands of well-wishers are expected to record messages on such sites.

Hundreds of messages have already poured in via BBC News Online (see below).

Bowie's spokesman said there would be no further update on his condition in the immediate future.

Bowie became embroiled in the health scare in the middle of a 62-day tour of North America and Europe.

He cancelled his remaining European shows, including Scotland's T in the Park, having already pulled out of concerts in Vienna and Salzburg.

The cancellation affected 11 European dates including the high-profile Roskilde festival in Denmark.

Last month he also suffered the indignity of being hit in the eye with a lollipop, thrown on to the stage by a fan, at a concert in Oslo, Norway.

Although pictures showed the lolly stick actually caught in his eye, he was not injured and continued the concert.

Bowie, real name David Jones, was born in Brixton, south London, and began his music career in the 1960s, making his first major breakthrough with the song Space Oddity in 1969.

David Bowie
Bowie is one of rock's most influential musicians
His 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, is widely regarded as one of the most influential albums in rock history.

Throughout the 1970s he became famous for adopting a number of different characters and personae, from glam-rock king Ziggy to the so-called Thin White Duke.

His later 1970s experimental albums such as Heroes and Low were influential on younger generations of electronic artists, while his myriad images have had a significant impact on the fashion world.

Despite a lukewarm response from critics to most of his recorded output during the past two decades, he is considered to have hit a return to form with his past couple of albums, while continuing to sell out concert halls around the world.

During the last decade Bowie became one of the first rock artists to embrace the internet, setting up Bowienet, in part as a showcase for emerging visual artists.

He is married to Somalian supermodel Iman, and the couple live in a luxurious Manhattan apartment with their daughter Alexandria, three.

BBC News Online users sent their get well soon messages to David Bowie. Read on for a selection of them.

I have memories of dancing to the Konrads at Ravensboune Art School in Bromley in the 60's - you and your music are part of my life so my best wishes to you David, i hope you're feeling better.
Marilyn Reeves, New York City

I wish the best to David Bowie. He is one of the best music artists in the whole world. I have been his fan for many years. I think his album Reality is one of his best recordings ever. Good luck and recover soon.
Angel Guilarte, Caracas, Venezuela

Rock on! On and on and on.
Viktor Sata, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

Your music changed my life. Hurry back.
Emily, Melbourne, Australia

Get well and keep well. You have enriched our lives and I know there's more creativity to follow. All the best, Richard.
Richard Taggerty, Portchester, England

Saw you in Plymouth in '69. I was hooked then and I still am. My grandchildren now listen to Jean Jeanie, Life on Mars, Lets Dance etc. Get well soon. It's only about ten years til I have great grandchildren - it would be nice to have 4 generations of fans in my family.
Warren Niles, Ipswich, England

Have been an enthusiastic fan since I was old enough to have musical taste! Don't stop now - get well soon!
Karen, Canterbury, England

My memories of your musical talents go back more years than 'even you' want to remember David! I have been a fan and followed your career since the, 'I Pity The Fool' days in the mid sixties and what a roller-coaster ride your career has been - loved every twist and turn of it though. Now it's time to chill-out, relax and fully recover following your surgery. We need you around for many more years to come. Best wishes to you and your family.
Colin Thomas, Southend on Sea, UK

David, I just saw your NJ concert and you have never been better. Get well soon so you can share that incredible talent with a new generation.
Barbara Lagowski, Long Branch, NJ USA

No one has had as significant an impact as David Bowie on contemporary music. I firmly believe that he has led the way forward by remaining outside the mainstream; pushing boundaries other stars are happy to stay back from. Perhaps that's the point. Bowie has never been enthusiastic about mainstream because he isn't an average Joe, and he's never been interested in doing normal stuff. So he's demanded more - of his music and his audience - and he's got a more loyal and interesting fan base as a result; we like to be challenged. I've been a Bowie fan since I was tiny; he's still my favourite entertainer. Please get better David, and please keep making music, whether that's you yourself or stuff you produce or just talent you encourage. You are a fabulous gift to us all, and we treasure you.
Susan Cunningham, Oxford, UK

I wish you well and hope your soon fit again. You are a musical genius. Take care.
Nick Fletcher, Malton

Get well soon David. I bought tickets to Reality at Wembley last November as a wedding anniversary gift for my husband. We've been fans for over 25 years and this was the first time we've seen you perform live. You simply blew us away. Long may you continue but right now, concentrate on resting and getting back to health. We're thinking of you. Russ & Sarah x
Sarah Powell, Reading, England

Hang on to your self David. You are unique.
David Speirs, Brighton, UK

Seen you in 1973 on the Ziggy tour at Coventry Theatre, you blew me away, seen you 5 times since. Your music has been part of the fabric of my life. Get well soon David, you are one of the greats
Adrian, Coventry, England

Get well soon David, you are a living legend and i will always hold a special place in my heart for your music, keep up the excellent work.
Sarah Hartley, Sheffield, England

With out doubt, the most groundbreaking musical artist of the 20 century and beyond. Bowie has always been so far ahead of his time that many people have never understood. Get well soon and continue to innovate Much respect.
Alex Clarkson, Cardiff, Wales

I grew up with your music, since «Starman» when I was 15.Now at 47,after all these years, songs like «Heroes» are still in my heart. All my wishes Ploutarcos
Ploutarcos Haloftis, Greece

David, we saw you at the Birmingham NEC in November and thought it was the best live gig we've ever been to - you were fantastic. Sorry to hear about the surgery but I'm sure it's something you'll get over very soon and come back stronger than ever before. We love all your music and hope you keep making it for many, many years to come. Like a fine wine, you'll just keep getting better!
Wayne and Sarah, Worcester, UK

I wish you a fast recovery and the best of health for the future. I have enjoyed your music right from the start of your career. I used to have a poster of you in my bedroom when I was about 18. (I'm a lot older than that now)! All the best and get well soon!
Pam, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Bowie for Prime Minister!
Damian Kelly, Ealing, London

Your music is creative, energetic and inspiring. You are a legend! You were fantastic as the goblin king in the movie Labyrinth too. Get well soon. Antoinette
Antoinette Logan, Currently in England

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Thanks for decades of your wonderful art.
James Henson, Saint Louis, USA

A date for your 2005 Diary, sir... T in the Park! Come fill our hearts and minds. Wishing the best to you, your kin and crew.
AP, Glasgow

Get well soon David, you are a true legend & icon in every sense of the word, my thoughts are with you and your family
Steven Bush, Northampton, England

Speedy recovery David. Hope you're zigging your way back soon. One of the brightest stars in our galaxy.
Liz Trimby, Scotland. UK

At the concert in Hannover last November I called "go on Dave, give it some" and you chuckled, bent forward and shook my hand. Has to be the best experience of my life. Re: the comment by Joanne Vallely of Essex - Dave and Mick Jagger quit smoking on the same day years ago (apparently).
Chris Fletcher, Bomlitz, Germany

I have grown up admiring your music and cannot even describe how much I love it. I wish to see you live at some stage in my life if I am lucky. I know you'll be better for sure but my best wishes are still with you!!
Tyagi, Delhi, India

I'm a huge fan, and at only 15 years old this shows how much your music has constantly stayed up there with the best in rock n' roll history. Rock n' roll suicide is such an inspirational song for me. Get well soon David, look forward to hopefully seeing you back on tour as soon as possible.
Joe Williams, Cambridge, England

Best wishes David, you and your music have inspired me for years. Get well soon, my hero. Love Drew x
Drew Stephen, London

Get well, I saw you in Philadelphia in 1976 and you were very kind to the fans on the street. Thank you
Peter Olson, Philadelphia, USA

Your positive impact on my life is incalculable and has been for decades; thanking you enough is impossible. You're deeply loved. Catch these positive vibes!
Stuart Gardner, Brunswick, Georgia, USA

You are so sexy you have to come back!!
Katerina Horvathova, Prague Czechia

From one 'Lambeth boy' (and someone who has had two Angioplasties) to another - get well soon.
Geoff Maidment, (now) Gillingham, Kent. UK

Thought you were great at the Isle of Wight Festival - please do it again. Get well soon
Clive Godwin, Poole, Dorset, UK

Bowie must be the UK's leading rock and roll star which an influence that can be seen in many other artists. I, along with millions of other fans, wish him a speedy recovery and a return to full health.
Vince, Preston, England.

So sorry to hear you have been unwell. Make a speedy recovery and get back to what you do best....being a great dad & keeping all your fans happy!!!! With love from Liane
Liane Stones, Maidstone, Kent, England

My best wishes for the duke, and be more careful next time. We'll need your genius and prophesies for a long time to come! Keep it going!
Policarpo, Sofia, Bulgaria

Hang on in there fellow, hope you are fit and well soon.
Tom Hall, St Annes, UK

Get singing again soon, you cool dude : )
Ken Nevitt, Diss, England

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to David, it is a shock to all his fans, once his recovery is complete, here's to seeing Bowie work his magic in the studio and on stage again.
Steve, London

Get well soon! Your music influences such a large number of people that you are a very important part of a lot of people's day-to-day lives!
Craig Harris, Brighton, UK

Just to say "hoping you'll soon be well", and performing again. Saw your Birmingham concert last October. Brilliant!! With love and best wishes for a speedy recovery, and long and happy life. Lorraine x
Lorraine, Birmingham, U.K.

Be well, David. Here's hoping that you recover and return a place of health and vitality, wholeness and goodness. You are an amazing human being!! Peace and health, Catherine
Catherine Paulson, Barnstable, MA USA

All best wishes for a swift recovery from everyone at Cambridge University Students' Union. You can come and sing for us at Cambridge any time you like!
Marion Lemmon, Cambridge, UK

Get well soon Dave. I hope you're back in action doing what you do best soon mate.
Lee, London

Have been a lifelong fan since the age of 11 (30 years). Get well very soon. Mandy xx
Amanda Doughty, Highworth, Wiltshire, England

Get well soon. I have loved your music for years and hope you will soon be well enough soon to give us some more fantastic stuff!
Mary Howard, Cambridge, UK

A day without you, David, is like a face without a smile. Get well mate, we need you.
Eddie Webb, Sutton on Sea

Hiya David, I hope you get well soon, and don't have any more problems - just go careful, okay? Take it easy! Never over-work yourself - none of us fans want you to damage your health. We'd rather you rest for as long as you need to, so don't worry about taking lots of time off. You need it. Take care of yourself.:)
Guinevere, London, England

Hope you get on your feet pronto...Starman was the first record I bought so I've always followed your career with fond memories...good luck
Chris Thorley, Stoke-on-Trent

Hope and pray that you are soon fully recovered and back on the road making people happy with your music. xxx
Demetroulla Chrysanthou, Larnaca, Cyprus

I have admired your music for years. I think your current tour is the best I have ever seen. I hope there are many more years to come. Good luck and get well soon.
Patrick Harrison, Oxford, England

Wishing you well very soon. Your music has always been inspirational.
Karen Batchelor, Fetcham, England

Bowie is one of the greatest living artists - best wishes and a speedy recovery to him, so he can go on making great music for years to come.
Peter Lavelle, Wycombe

Keep swinging - don't die just yet, you've still got a lot of songs to write. Get well soon! Cheers your best mate Dave.
David Nason, Hamburg Germany

Get well soon David! Let's keep the music going.
Paco Godefroy, London, UK

I went to see your Reality tour in Seattle back in April, and it was the best concert ever!! So thank you for that and all of your music! By the way, New Killer Star - what a great song!!!! x
Louisa, Winchester, England

Get well soon David. We saw you at Wembley in November 2003 and you rocked! Here's hoping that you are soon back on your feet and back on the road. Best Regards Alison & Ivor Cinderby
Alison & Ivor Cinderby, Slough, England

I was due to see David play at T in the Park tomorrow and was gutted when I found out he couldn't play. Now knowing the seriousness of his situation, I'm just thankful that he's going to be okay and that I'll have the chance to see him in the future when he's fully recovered. Get well soon Dave!
Scott McNicholas, Durham, England

Glad to hear you're recovering from your op and that you'll soon be on the mend and back performing. Your Wembley concert last year was fab!!!
Sara & Ian Ward, Swanage, Dorset

David - I travelled to Prague to see you in concert and I was so sorry to see you in so much pain - although it was a great show. I've been a big fan of yours since about 1973. Life on Mars has lots of memories for me of being a teenager and it was wonderful that I finally got to hear you play it live. You have been such an important part of my life - your music has meant a lot to me at many different points in my life. Thank you for that. But most importantly, please get well soon - rest, relax and enjoy life! love Liz Cunningham plus my daughter Laura, age 7 who also loves your music and my husband Matthew who admires your talent and puts up with having to share me with you!
Liz Cunningham, Gateshead, UK

Hope you recover quickly and are not in too much pain. Maybe time to quit smoking?? I want you around and have been a fan since early 70's. Take care of yourself. Jo x
Joanne Vallely, Epping, Essex

He is legend! Although not my generation of music as it were I think he is legend and knocks the socks off today's so called music! He has originality and I wish David all the best in his road to recovery so he can then rock on and do what he does best! Lots of love x
Kat, Stanmore, England

Pretty shocked to hear the news on Bowie's heart operation. Hope he gets well soon.
Patrick, Muiden, The Netherlands

Keep on rocking! Glad you are home and recovering, hope to see you on one of your concerts when you're up and running again. Take Care.
Jackie Southcott, Bristol, England UK

Hey, Dave, thinking of you in your time of need and wish you a quick recovery. Our thoughts and prayers and with you and your family at this time.
Sean Taylor, Portsmouth

Get well soon thank you for a life time of great music (some of your films weren't bad either!!)
Paul Rumble, Swindon England

Hi David, only found out the news today - hope you are recovering well and re-charging your batteries. Kindest wishes to you and your family. Zoe x
Zoe, Newton, Merseyside, UK

Best wishes. I hope you get well & have a speedy recovery. You have been a major influence on the life and thinking of so many.
Paul, Brighton, UK

Get well soon David, take it easy. Kind Regards Julian
Julian Fletcher, Worcester, England

I am very sorry to hear about your medical condition, Get well Soon David,
Jon Todd, Maidstone, England

What a shocker! Made me realise how much I still treasure him. He's been a big influence on me and my generation - we were young teenagers in the '70s. Get well soon, David. Take care of yourself. Best wishes to Iman too.
Melanie, London

Dave, get well soon, relax and take plenty of time out if necessary to recover. Looking forward to see you again in the UK. Best wishes Phil
Phil Birdsall, Stockton on Tees

Ground control to Major Tom - saw your concert at the NEC, Birmingham this year and loved it. A fan since the 70s. Devastated by the news; you looked fantastic. David - do get well soon. Sincerely Natalie & Howard Lamb
Howard Lamb, Wargrave, England

Hope you make a speedy recovery.
Wendy George, Ayr

I've been there and done that...God be with you. Come back healthy and soon. We need and love you.
Robert Taylor, New York, USA

Well earned time with your family, with their love & support, I'm sure you'll soon be as good as new. Get Well Soon!
Mrs. Sharon Loraine, Doncaster, England

Get well soon David, all your fans are thinking about you!
Fiona Camden, Bicester, UK

Ahhh good old David!!! Get well soon.
Chloe Blissett, Hemel Hempstead, England

I don't think there's anything I can say that you haven't heard yet. But what the hell, here goes: get well soon, and we'll miss you at Oxegen this weekend. Can't wait for the next album. CFE
Caroline Evans, Montreal, Canada

Get well soon and we are missing you a lot. you are my favourite singer. Love & regards Pema
Pema Choki, Bhutan (Tsimalakha/Chhukha)

Hope you get well soon. I am saddened by the news as I am a big fan and was to see you at Oxegen 2004, however your health is more important and I am sure I will see you perform again. Ziggy will return to mesmerise us with those fantastic lyrics.
Amanda Hassan, Ballymoney, northern Ireland

Good Luck and get well soon. I had a triple by-pass 4 years ago and have been fine since.
Jenny Jordan, Hyde, Greater Manchester, England

Take it easy Dave, You are a national treasure.
Stuart , Ringwood UK

Get well soon.
Robert & Angela, Cheltenham, UK

Being a HUGE fan, wishing all the best and I WILL get to see you in concert one day, one of my lifelong ambitions.
Katie Spence, Canterbury, Kent England

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your concerts at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania were fantastic. We still love you!
Sharon Scanlon, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

As a disillusioned and depressed youth growing up in the wasteland of Detroit suburbia, child of a single parent (who had devoted herself to the most repugnant of that time's televangelists), I turned to an intense interest in music, particularly David Bowie's. I can honestly say that the oasis he provided me saved my life and my sanity, and I shall never forget the sustenance that his work provided me. My thoughts are with him now for a quick recovery, and warmest regards to an extraordinary man.
Dave Rollo, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

I am a great fan of yours, I think your music is fantastic, you are unique not to mention gorgeous, David, I wish you a speedy recovery and will prey that you will enjoy good health soon, my thoughts are with you and your family. Look after yourself and take it easy. I saw you at Milton Keynes Bowl something I will never forget. Love Mary xx
Mary Pereira, Milton Keynes, England

It's so great to know you're fine now! I just wish I could do something to the guy that had changed my life in so many ways! You're my hero forever and ever! Hope to see you playing here really soon! Hugs from Brasil!
Juliana Albuquerque , Recife, Brazil

Thank you, David. This tour was just great. Saw many shows, met a lot of wonderful people. But I also think it must have been terribly exhausting for you. So take a big fat rest. You deserve it.
Lopey, Berlin

I hope you will get well soon.
Yoko, Tokyo,Japan

Musicians come and go, but one true artist stands out as an inspiration and guide. You have dazzled, amazed and captured the hearts of legions of fans over the last five decades. Don't know what music would sound like, or clothes we would be wearing, had you not swept through, but thank you for the journey so far. Rest, recover and enjoy your family. OldSalt.
Darin, London, UK

Get Well Soon. You were my first Rock and Roll Hero and Ziggy was the first album I bought. Its still my favorite album ever. Seeing you in Dublin a few years back was a highlight. All the Very Best
Mark Ryan, Chapel Hill, NC and Dublin, Ireland

Get well soon David - look after yourself - Saw you at Wembley last November and you were brilliant.
Loraine Fenton, Twickenham, England

Geez David, for the sake of rock and music I hope you get better soon, ready to rock and roll some more. You're the best, don't let anything stop you. Rock on, get well soon, write songs and go on tour again! I'll have the Norwegian security center to rewrite their laws: "People entering concert area with lollipop will be thrown out, locked up in a room, tied to a chair, and forced to listen to Mariah Carey as a penalty, for three months. You say all the mariah carey cd's won't last three months? Well HAH! I'll use repeat!
Michelle, Norway

I'm so grateful for the amazing tour into which you poured your heart (where I was lucky enough to see you three times) and I hope you take a long and well deserved rest! Your fans are sending their best thoughts and all of BowieNet is having a collective anxiety attack for you :)
Bella, Brooklyn, NY

Love and best wishes David to you and your family your in our hearts and on our minds, rest well and recover. It's been a wonderful year and I look forward to seeing you again in 2005 maybe. God bless you always
Teri Young, Stourbridge UK

I'm sure you'll get well and better again soon. I've seen you perform many years ago, as well as other legends from my era, (I'm exactly the same age as Mick J.). As many have said, you are indeed a legend and uniquely gifted. I hope to see you again one day (again), when you are in Vancouver. From an ex-Brit in Northern Canada.
Michael Barton, Whitehorse, Canada

Sending lots of love and good wishes for a quick return to top form. Your live performances during the A Reality Tour were simply fantastic! We appreciate your unique voice, musical creativity and dynamic style. Hoping to 'hear' something from you soon!
Candice Phillips, Wheatley, Ontario, Canada

For more than 30 years you have been my absolute favourite performer. Your music has meant so much to me and gotten me through my entire life. I am so relieved to hear you are on the mend. Get well soon and God bless.
Barbara, NYC, NY

Dave, you'll always be the King of Bromley ! Best wishes for a strong recovery mate.
Sean, Bromley, England

Best wishes from your old Hometown Berlin. We love you, David
Michael Hofmann, Berlin,Germany

David, we know you'll Never Get Old for us... your true fans... The music world would not be what it is today without your fantastic and influencial contributions, so hurry up and get well, and contribute some more !
Julia Kingsley-Sands, Abaco, Bahamas

We saw you in Houston - the weather was hot, but you were 'On Fire'! We are big fans - our kids love your music! What an inspiration you are for a new generation of musicians. Thank you for that. Relax, take care of yourself and your family, and most of all, Get Well Soon!
Joanna, Houston, Texas

Hi David, I really wish you you all the best, get very well soon! Your last shows in Munich were beautiful and fantastic as ever and I am always a big fan of you. For me you are still the coolest man in the world! Konny, Munich, Germany
Konny, Germany

Though your music holds no bounds, your acting ability is also something I truely enjoy. The Labyrinth is still one of my favourite movies even as an adult. Hope to see you again in Vancouver soon.
Barb , Vancouver Canada

You're more than just a singer, you're a legend, an artist, and a personal influence. Get well soon and keep on swinging.
Kevin Joffre, New York, USA

I saw you in Glasgow in November and you were fantastic - fitter than a man half your age. Hope you get well soon.
Andy Moffat, Rutherglen, Scotland

I hope that you get well soon, but that your family is both dealing with everything well, and will get to see a bit of you while you're being held at bay by a doctor's care!!
Margaret Ann Porter, Freeport, Ohio

David, not only are you our lifelong favourite rock superstar (by miles), your career and the way you manage your fame are an inspiration. We and our family all hope you recover fully and that you continue to have success after success in the future.
Joanne and Adrian Taylor, Bromley, England

Get well soon you ol' begger! It's been an incredible year. Thank you for that.Take your time. blueblue
Mark, Rochester, Kent

Get well soon David, I grew up with your music and still listen now. A true musical genius in a world where the word is used far too often
Mike Rowe, Ely, UK

You are in my heart for a speedy recovery and convalescing period. You've been a huge constant in my life and I thank you for everything you've given to us. Keep your spirits up high and feel better soon. All my best, Caroline
Caroline Wainwright, Needham, USA

David, I've been a fan for years and have had the priveledge of seeing you play here in Denver twice in the last few years. You're an inspiration and your music never fails to bring a smile to my face. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
Hanna Steplewska, Denver, Colorado, USA

Thank goodness for that pain in your shoulder! Thank goodness for the Doctors that treated you! Get well soon David, saw you in concert only once down here in Florida, the Glass Spider Tour when it came to Tampa. Look forward to seeing you again and hearing more of your incredible music. Get lots of rest, God Bless ! !
Judy, Orlando, Florida, USA

Hope that you're recovering well, David! Take care, relax and don't overdo things until you're fully recovered... Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way...
Ruth Davison, London, England

David,you mean the world to so many of us. Saw you three times on this tour, and you just get better and better! Was so shocked to hear this. Take care of yourself and be well. Enjoy the time with your family. We're all pulling for you. Love on ya!, Rik
Rik Kent, New York , USA

Isn't that just like Bowie--always giving 110%! I've been a loyal fan since 1974, and continue to eagerly await each album. Take some well deserved R&R, David, and get well soon! And thanks for the wonderful concert in KC!
Helen Scherer, Kansas City, USA

Take your time And get well soon David,the worlds new up and coming generation of musical talent need your infulence,just as you have other generations have. you have always been my HERO.Warmest regards Keith Miller.
Keith Miller, East Calder, West Lothian

I'm a huge fan and I seen Bowie play live last November in Birmingham NEC, he was out of this world. Get better soon your inspiration to us all.
Gemma Jones , Mountain Ash, RCT, UK

David, Please rest and get better soon. What a fantastic tour you've had. You had as much fun preforming as we did watching you. You are an amazing, sexy, and talented man. Get well and come back strong and healthy. We need you!
Wendy, Virginia, USA

Here's to a full and speedy recovery surrounded by family and friends...
Adam, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Best wishes from a big fan who was born after you'd already begun changing the world. Get well soon!
Zooky, New York, NY, USA

Hope the best for a speedy recovery - thanks for all you've done, and all the great shows I've seen over the years! :)
Alys, Calgary, Canada

Can't think of any other recording artist apart from John Lennon who has given me as much pleasure listening to music. Get well and give us some more brilliant albums.
Matthew Morrow, Edinburgh

My office mates and I saw you perform here in London, Ontario in May and it was the best concert experience I've ever had. We wish you a speedy recovery and many more years of life, love and music.
Shelley Long, London, Ontario, Canada

Hang on to yourself geezer.
Squiz, Llanmaes

Get well soon. In my prayers.
Lynne, Reading, Berkshire UK

Get well soon David! Your music has been a huge influence, inspiration and friend to me over the years. I finally got to see you at the IOW festival and you were electrifying. Please keep up your vital creative mission. We all need you more than ever!
Jonathan Scourfield., Neath, Wales.

Had the same operation six months ago David. So I know what you are going through. Stress will be your worst enemy. So please take your time, dont rush it! Wishing you all the best.
Rob Burridge, Ex-Pat, The Hague, Holland

All best wishes for strength and full recovery - myself in my 57th year, and a continuous fan of yours, I wish you improving health and well-being in future as well!!
Alice Winfree Bowron, Minneapolis, USA

I've been your huge fan since 1991(when I was 13...).I went to see your fantastic Reality tour shows in Tokyo. I was very shocked when Japanese news told about your surgery. Wish your best. Get well soon!!I love you!
Yukie Yamada, Yokohama,Japan

Saw David perform years ago in Toronto. Was one of the best shows I've seen. Thank goodness he caught this now, as angio is much better than the options. I'm prepping for my 2nd angio now. Good luck with the recovery!! You'll be better off afterwards!!!
Earl Woodcock, Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

After seeing 17 of your shows in the last 10 months I can truly say I have never seen a performer who so obviously cares about his craft and his fans, and it's been a joy to see you having so much fun onstage. Take it easy and we know that you will 'sail' through your recovery.
Julie Chaston, Toronto, Canada

Take a well deserved and overdue break and we'll look forward to the next album and tour.
Ted, Reading, England

David, I wish you get well very soon and keep us giving the magical music you make. God Bless You!
Luis Guadalupe, Lima, PERU

David, What a fantastic year it's been. Thanks for all the amazing shows and adventures. I wish you a speedy recovery and send you all our love. Mary & Nicole
Mary Dunham, Pennsylvania, USA

I wish you swift recovery.
Oliver, Croatia

"Heart control to Major Tom, Commencing op now, blood flow's on..." Nah, it really doesn't work does it?! Get well soon - there's so much more to do.
Clive Wright, Vancouver, Canada

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You're a brilliant artist & wonderful performer. I saw you on tour with Nine Inch Nails back in the day - it was a life-changer. And "Golden Years" is the first song I have a conscious memory of hearing - it's been running through my head off & on for 31 years.
Robin, Austin, Texas

Please get well soon David. Have followed you since forever. Saw you in Scotland last November for the fifth time... not the last time !!!! Take care and love from Scotland.
valerie, grangemouth, scotland

David, I saw you here on April 1, 2004 and it had to be one of the best shows I've ever seen. Get well soon so you can be recording and touring again. We need you!
Ron, Toronto, Canada

My thoughts are with you. Please recover swiftly and completely.
Emily, Denver, USA

For more than 30 years you have been my absolute favourite performer. Your music has meant so much to me and gotten me through my entire life. I am so relieved to hear you are on the mend. Get well soon and God bless.
Barbara, NYC, NY

Bowie is the greatest. Take it easy David.
Ian, Merseyside, England

Keep on rockin' David; so sorry to hear you've been in so much pain, but glad to hear you're well on the way to recovery. Have seen you several times in London and latest at George Mason University, Fairfax VA - as usual, a brilliant performance. Love, Denise (born next door to Brixton - Streatham!)
Denise , Washington DC, USA

Like a fine Bordeaux, we all know the best years are yet to come from you David.
Davis Adams, Atlanta, Georgia USA

I loved your concert in Atlanta! All the best with a swift and complete recovery.
Pete Westerholm, Nashville, US

So shocked to hear the news of your op. I wish you a painless and speedy recovery David and look forward to seeing you fit, well and rockin' again x
Jo, Chelmsford, UK

David: Sorry to hear about your health problems. We hope you'll get well soon! Your fans send you lots of love, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. Mark and Hollie Allender
Mark & Hollie Allender, Gainesville, FL

All the very best wishes for a quick recovery DB. We have both been fans for many years and since we met each other your music, and attending your concerts has been a shared passion for us. We went to the IOW festival and so we were doubly shocked and upset to hear the news, but very glad to know that the problem was found and addressed and that you're still very much with us.
Wes and Lynn, Cheltenham UK

Hope you're feeling better really soon, David!
Judy, Boulder, CO, USA

David - best wishes for a speedy recovery. Turning on the TV this morning and hearing of your op was a huge shock. You and your music will always remain immortal in my mind. Hope the time off allows you to produce more great music in the recent trend of Heathen and Reality !!
Pete Eggleston, St Albans, UK

Wishing you all the best!
Susan, Youngstown, Ohio USA

We here in Boston, Massachusetts, USA wish the great David Bowie a successfully fast and speedy recovery! Mr. Bowie has provided many artists in all fields with inspiration to go for their dreams and make them realities. We will always need him!
Alan Colosi, Boston, MA

God Bless you David, may we soon see you up to your old tricks in no time. Take care and get well soon. Lynette Basford
Lynette Basford, Anaheim, California, USA

Sorry to hear you're not well - thank goodness the doctors caught this in time. By pure coincidence I heard the news just as we were coming to the end of the second CD of your Greatest Hits album here in our studio... made my hair stand on end! Love to you & your family and we all hope you make a speedy recovery.
Kath Finch, Bristol, England

Get well soon David!You are on of the biggest inspirations in my life and i hope you are 110% fit A.S.A.P and back doing what you do best which is bringing joy to all your fans with your brilliant talent of making music! Cant wait to see you again.I seen you in The Point last year and was mesmarized leaving the venue!God Bless,all my love and get well soon!
Philip Hennessy, Dublin,Ireland

I saw you for the first time this April here in Austin. You put on a phenomenal show. I hope your recovery is swift so the rest of the world will get to enjoy your fantastic energy and musical talent.
Amy J. Allen, Austin, TX USA

Get well soon David - you are an inspiration to all of us lesser lights in the music business. Can hardly wait to see where you'll take us next...
John, Orillia, Canada

As a huge fan over a number of years and a fellow cardiac patient (with 4 angioplasties done on two arteries over the last few years - still would prefer it to a dental check up!), I want to send my best wishes. Take care of yourself in the coming weeks and months of recovery, before you know it you'll forget you were even sick. Get well soon.
Brendan O'Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland

Have grown up with your music and seen you numerous times - most recently on the Reality Tour at the Rosemont in Chicago. Hearing 5 years live did it for me and you really looked as if you were enjoying the whole show and you appeared as relaxed on stage as I have ever seen you. Troubled to hear of your setback but I am confident of full recovery.
Ken Slack, Chicago, USA

Get Well soon David! You're an idol to me!!!
Jen, Carmarthen, South West Wales

Why don't you come to Corsica for a fantastic recovery? You could stay at my house and sing to me on the terrace watching the sunset ... Get very well soon !
Alex, Ajaccio, Corsica, France

To my fellow South Londoner - Get well soon. You wowed the crowds at the concert you did recently here in Washington - a great performance from a great star! Thank you
Elizabeth Mathias, Washington DC, USA

"Heroes" is such a classic song. In the 2100s they will be playing that song as "classical music" !! I hope you get well soon, David!
Julianne, Staffordshire, UK

Your fans here in Texas wish you the best and hope for a speedy recovery. Take it easy, we WANT you to come down here to see us.
Colin Caison, Fort Worth, USA

All the best David. Your recent Isle of Wight gig was absolutely wonderful.
Dave, Oxford

"Life on Mars" was the song that always did the trick of getting my daughter to sleep when she was a newborn, now she's a toddler who loves to dance to your music. My husband and I are big fans, as well. Get well soon, we all love you!
Erika, Geoffrey and Sylvia Weaver, Charleston, USA

Saw you last November at the NEC Birmingham. It was my lifelong ambition to see you live, and your show was the best I have ever seen. With Heathen and Reality you have proved that your music is just as valuable as it ever was. Keep 'em coming, and make sure you get well soon. The world needs David Bowie.
john devenney, norwich, england.

Like so many other Bowie fans will say, in one way or another over the last 20 years you've occupied a massive part of my life and been a huge influence. Just wanted to say thank you for that, and that I look forward it continuing forever.
Jason Gregory, London, UK

Keep sparkling our lives. Take care. Keep your star shinning for us, we'll keep ours shinning for you. Love
Claudia Moreira, Porto - Portugal

A huge fan of yours for many years get well soon. Enjoyed both your concerts in TO & London, Canada. Looking forward to the BBC Bowie day broadcast.
Ian , London, Ontario, Canada

You don't have TIME for a heart attack! Or any stress-related illnesses! Seriously, I wish you a good recovery; enjoy the time off for a while. But we'll be looking forward to more of your music whenever you're ready!
Jeremy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Take it easy David and you'll be absolutely fine soon. You can put on hold for the moment, your next work of genius. Don't forget you're never gonna get old ! You promised us !
Rod Ayling, England

Get yourself to T in the Park mate, that will help you recover. . .
Robin Rodgers, Falkirk, UK

The most talented writer, musician and performer in musical history. Get well... the world needs you!
Ruth, Uxbridge, UK

My brother had exactly the same operation about 2 years ago to treat a previously undiscovered birth defect. He was physically well enough to get back to a normal life after about 3 weeks. 10 years ago - it would have been open heart surgery! David Bowie is very lucky that it was discovered - and, judging by my brother's experience, will be back on his feet in no time.
Ben, London

You are so sexy you have to come back!!
Katerina Horvathova, Prague Czechia

Well you are a marvel at your age and your concert at Jones Beach was awesome and you made everybody feel part of the show including old fogies like myself (55). Get well soon mate !
Peter Rahaman, White Plains New York USA

I have always loved your music. I have always thought that you have one of the best bands around. Best wishes and hope you are doing well.
Kathy Evans, USA

I was actually at the last gig before the heart operation (Hurricane Festival, June 25), and I'm still feeling the afterglow of that fantastic show!! It is all the more amazing now I know you were probably already in some pain by then. You are very brave!! Please get well soon. You are in my thoughts (and in those of the other Hurricane people).
Katrin Höller , Cologne, Germany

Take good care space man, me 'n the boys are thinking of you.
Crosby, London, UK

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