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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 June, 2004, 14:48 GMT 15:48 UK
New BBC boss's key plans
By Ian Youngs
BBC News Online Entertainment staff

Mark Thompson has taken over as director general of the BBC, and outlined his plans for the corporation in a speech to staff on Tuesday. Here is a brief summary plus his quotes:

Michael Grade with Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson will work with new BBC chairman Michael Grade
New journalism board aiming to ensure reporting is fair-minded and accurate
"I want, not just the board, but all of our journalists and editors, to work together to create a culture which combines the highest and most uncompromising standards with a real spirit of journalistic enterprise and independence."

New executive board with nine members, the BBC's top management, to replace 16-strong executive committee
"It was a bit too big and amorphous to be really effective. It was often a good place to debate the issues, but actual decisions were seldom taken there. It didn't play an effective role in the Hutton saga, even though there was a lot of experience around the table."

New creative board to oversee programme-making and hi-tech advances
"Without great programmes, great content, we're nothing. Yet the key creative questions can seem like a bit of an afterthought at the top of the BBC, crowded out by all the debates about money, technology, broad strategy."

Alan Yentob becomes creative director
"I want Alan to take a creative overview which spans the different divisions and services of the BBC and to become our key link with the creative community outside the BBC. No-one understands how to get more out of the creative heart of the BBC than Alan."

New commercial board looking at finances and commercial activities, such as magazines and DVDs
"When I look at this part of the BBC today, coming back with fresh eyes, what I see most of all is economic and creative potential. But I also see the need for greater strategic clarity. Also the urgent need to cut through some of the complexity."

Review of commercial activities with the test that they must be of value to the public
"BBC Worldwide and BBC Ventures are both full of talent and they've already built enormous value for the public - how can they build more? That test, by the way, the test of public value, is going to be key to us going forward. It's a thread that runs all the way through our thinking about the next charter."

Review of programme commissioning and production, and how many shows are made by independent companies
"I'm certain extensive in-house production will be a critical part of the BBC's future. But again we should apply the test of public value. How does the licence-payer benefit from a particular programme being supplied from within the BBC as opposed to from an indie?"

Move parts of the BBC out of London
"Before he left, Greg [Dyke] was determined to go to the next stage, by finding a way of shifting a further significant part of the BBC's operations out of London and into the rest of the UK. I believe this is the right strategy and I'm fully committed to it as well."

Charter review task force to lead the quest for a new royal charter at the end of 2006
"Now we have to go into top gear... This is priority number one for the BBC - everything we do now, everything we could do in the future, depends on success in this."


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