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Last Updated: Friday, 18 June, 2004, 10:23 GMT 11:23 UK
Coke song site reacts to iTunes
The site says it has had 700,000 visitors
Coca-Cola's music download site Mycokemusic.com has reacted to the launch of Apple's iTunes with claims it is still Europe's biggest online store.

The site, which launched in January, said in a statement it had attracted more than 2.5 million visitors in the last two months and sold 500,000 songs.

Apple launched its iTunes music store in the UK, France and Germany on Tuesday, offering 700,000 songs.

Mycokemusic.com charges on average 99p per track, while iTunes charges 79p.

Coca Cola spokesman Rafael McDonnell said: "Research showed us that downloading music was going be a huge change in the way that consumers access music and we were ahead of the curve with the introduction of Mycokemusic.com."

Taken off

The legal online music market in Europe has taken off in the last month with the launch of Napster, iTunes and a re-launch of OD2's services.

Sony's Connect service is expected to launch in Europe next month.

An official download chart of songs will launch later this year, highlighting the growing importance of music downloads.

Peter Jamieson, chairman of the British Phonographic Industry, said: "The success of Mycokemusic.com demonstrates that people are adopting legal downloading in the UK. Accessing music through legal downloading is a major part of the future of music."

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