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Festivals 2004: Your reviews
The Who at the Isle of Wight
The Who at the Isle of Wight, from Dave Richards of Eydon, Northants
Music fans across Europe are enjoying another summer of festivals - and BBC News Online would like to hear what you think of this year's events.

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Fill in the form to the right of the page - and don't forget to tell us your name, and which festival you went to.

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David Bowie at the Isle of Wight
David Bowie at the Isle of Wight festival, by Mark Roberts of Kent

Spent last week at Godskitchen Global Gathering. Had great time listening to lives sets to different kinds of music like funky house, trance, hard house and drum'n'bass. Atmosphere was awesome as always. Would recommend this event to anybody even if they are not into dance music as the the great atmosphere is worth going alone.
Noj, Leicester UK

Download had an incredible lineup and was without a shadow of a doubt the best festival I have ever been to, beating Leeds last year! 4 hours to get into the campsite and 3 hours to get out of the car park was unbearable though!
Sy Taylor, Halifax, England

I went to the Download festival, the organisation was awful, when a band didnt show it took them hours to realise and they never announced it, getting out of the car park was a nightmare for ages until the police turned up, probably as ambulances struggled to get out. But the bands made it all worth while, Linkin Park were amazing, Korn rocked, Hoobastank played a great set and Electric Six were just funny. All in all not too bad but they have got to sort out their oragnisation!
Nicholas Bass, Birmingham

Having now recovered from The Big Chill, I'm feeling what an excellent festival it was. Access to the site was quick, with no long car queues or security checks. Parking was just 10 minutes from the campsites...two hours after leaving home, we were zipping up the tent and heading into the fray. And what a fray...the lineups were stunning, too much to see, of course, but truly, staggeringly good. The litter operation, coupled with the Leave No Trace system, meant the whole site was clean and tidy all weekend, as were - generally speaking - the portaloos. Festival memory: John Peel mouthing the words of Too Busy Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby, before dropping a frightening piece of Dutch gabber techno. Hurrah.
Simon Walsh, Birmingham, UK

The Big Chill was a highlight for me this year. The big festival's can keep their headline chart acts, because I had 3 days of perfect weather, slick organisation, smiley people and most importantly, exploring great new music. I loved it. If your bag is a mash of electronica, dub, jazzy funky soul and discovering new stuff that makes you want to move, kill for a ticket to the happiest festival in the land next year. See you there at Mr Scruff's tea-shop tee-pee for a brew and a boogie...
Craig M, Southall

The Big Chill in Malvern last weekend - 3 days of great atmosphere, chilled people, and brilliant music. Big names aren't the point of this event, so it makes for a much more relaxed and friendly environment than any other festival I've been to. The scenery was beautiful - a deer park in the grounds of Eastnor castle, right in the Malvern Hills. One of the incredible things here was the lack of litter anywhere. The usual festival concept of clearing a space to sit in the litter and wrappers strewn about the ground just does not apply here, and the whole event benefits from it. After visiting the commercial advertising billboard /rubbish tip that comprises modern Glastonbury a couple of years ago, I became a little disillusioned with festivals - but now, I'm firmly back in favour. I'll be back at the Big Chill next year - of that there is no doubt.
James, Irthlingborough, UK

I have just returned from the Big Chill set in the beautiful hills of Eastnor Castle. I have been to Glastonbury and Isle of Wight this year and neither of them were on the same level as The Big Chill which had the safest camping, the cleanest toilets & the friendliest crowds - I won't go on about it too much as I don't want too many 'new' people discovering the best festival in the UK!!!
Nick, Brixton, London

I went to the Roskilde festival in Denmark. An awesome experience was had, despite the typically Scandinavian "Liquid Sunshine", with an array of fantastic bands, beautiful blondes and an atmosphere to rival perhaps any other festival I have ever been to. Everyone should try it, at least once...
Chris James, Sunbury-on-Thames

I pretty much stopped going to UK festivals in the late 90's due to the consistent level of overpricing and poor organisation at all the major events. However, over the last 2 or 3 years UK festival organisers have learned a lot from our European friends so I'll be going to many more over here. Download at Donington was excellent. So a band didn't turn up because their van broke down. Never mind. There's always next year. Getting on stage with The Stooges midway through their set will stay with me for years. A great weekend, and I didn't even have to race back to Calais for the last ferry.
James, Bradford, UK

The Big Chill was the festival to go to this summer. There was a broad cross section of music to dip in to, excellent food, and plenty of extras to find in places such as the art trail or cinema tent. The atmosphere was really relaxed and enjoyed as much by the kids in fancy dress as those off to have it in the club tent. There was none of the slightly aggressive edge you sometimes find at a festival like V. The only slight disappointments were the distinctly un-chilled out queue to get out of the car park yesterday and the fact that when they speak Lemon Jelly sounded like old-school Radio One DJs at a summer roadshow. We're all going back next year - several of us have vowed to eschew all other festivals. A great event that does what it says on the tin.
Dom, London

I was at T in the Park this year for my 6th visit. There were some great moments, seeing Muse was an absolute highlight and topped everything for me. I think I must be getting old or missing Glastonbury though as I did not enjoy this to the extent I have others. They are starting to let in too many people without increasing the size of the site. There are far too many people at the stages, so much so that you can't hear the band up the back. Add to this being refused entry into the Slam Tent or King Tut's because it is overcrowded brings a lot of disappointment. So moany old man me will try desperately to get to Glastonbury next year. More people but a fantastic festival that nothing else can beat.
Phil D, Edinburgh

We went to the 'Under the Sky', which is the free part of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Not only was it incredibly civilised with lots of seats and free transport to and from the venues but it was an amazing atmosphere with incredible bands from all over the world. We went twice, once to Brazil night and on Jazz and Swing night - both fantastic!
Jo Greaney, Lausanne, Switzerland

Cambridge Folk Festival - obviously your reviewer was too near the front during The Divine Comedy set to notice the crowd movements further back. When Horace X hit Stage 2, they had a magnetic effect on the crowd - festival-goers voted with their feet.
Kate Kirk, Cambridge, UK

I went to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Despite the fact that it rained every day and must have rivalled Glastonbury for muddiness I had an incredible time. The atmosphere, the people and the bands combined to create an incredible experience and one which I hope to repeat year after year.
Ciaran Meyers, Leeds, UK

Cambridge - Some of the headliners left me wondering "why?" There were so many seriously good acts however, amongst both the big names and the lesser, that the weekend was altogether glorious. My especial favourites included Keb' Mo', Show Of Hands, Gillian Welch, Karine Polwart, Josh Ritter... My first time at Cambridge, I will certainly return if I can!
Simon Hutt, Warrington, UK

Isle of Wight festival - Apart from the obvious highlights of The Who and Bowie headlining on consecutive nights, I was completely won over by some of the less familiar bands. I'm sitting here listening to The Delays CD right now, on the strength of their gorgeous Sunday afternoon performance (superb songs, and what a great voice their lead singer has); and I've also had Run by Snow Patrol in my head since the festival. Suzanne Vega gave a performance of such charm and clarity that the crowd were right with her. And I was also impressed by solo singer/songwriter Puzzle Muteson, who as a local Isle of Wight artist won the chance to open the festival on Saturday and went down really well with his lyrical performance. Other highlight was watching a toddler sitting on his dad's shoulders playing air guitar to British Sea Power on the Saturday! Personally I didn't have any probs with the loos, even on the Saturday when I had my young son with me; for some reason there were no queues for the ones nearest the stage, but permanent queues for the others! Fantastic festival, brilliant line-up over the 3 days. Can't wait for next year.
Wendy, Isle of Wight, UK

Isle Of Wight festival - I was only there for the Saturday - The Who were absolutely amazing. Loved the whole atmosphere of the place, but as others have said, the organisation left a lot to be desired. The toilets we're disgusting even by normal festival standards. But we we did have a great day & hope they can iron out their problems before 2005.
Jimmy Cheese, Bognor Regis

Yay, Isle of Wight really does rock! But please do something about that dreadful camp site. Highlight:Lovely local people, very tolerant! Downside:Campsite staffing was less than adequate.
Sandy and Martyn, Wiltshire, UK

Went to Download and Isle of Wight. The organisation at Download was worse than last year, but the toilets were so much better, the IoW organisation was much better but the toilets were worse than Glasto 2000. Can we have the camp site nearer the arena? 2 miles is a bit far!!
Justin, London, England

I have just come back from the Isle of Wight festival. The campsite was 20 minutes walk from the venue,we were searched into both the venue and our campsite every time we wanted to enter either of them. The "security staff" were largely composed of drunken yobs, often aggressive and arbitrary about who they let in . There was a huge beer tent right in the middle at the front of the single stage and because of the numbers many were forced down either side of this into the funfair so that we couldn't see the stage, just the screens and could only hear the music from the dodgem cars. The toilets were disgusting and insufficient both at the campsite and the venue. The rampant greed of the tradespeople within the sight was perfectly in keeping with the whole atmosphere of the event. I want my money back.
Richard Burrell, London

Attended Download Donington 2004 and it was amazing. My first festival experience and definitely NOT my last. Saw Metallica make rock history, it was great!
Kaitlyn, UK

I attended the Isle of Wight festival last weekend. I did feel that some of the bands did not really come over well, particularly The Manics who I had been looking forward to seeing. The Who were spectacular and transmitted an energy that the Stereophonics and The Manics just did not have, two hours of non stop raw Rock and Roll. Suzanne Vega on the Sunday afternoon was a real treat and it was good to see an afternoon crowd get involved in the show. The highlight for me was David Bowie closing the show a real showman and performer particularly as he came on so soon after England losing to France in the football and lifting the crowds spirits straight away with a rousing version of Rebel Rebel. The biggest downer was the organisation; the walk from the campsite to the festival was ridiculous. The security staff either over zealous or totally lax in their duties, the wait to get in Friday evening smacked of total ineptitude. To top it all festival loos are always bad but these were ridiculous. I enjoyed the performances the atmosphere was great and for my first visit to the Isle of Wight I want to go back and see more of the island, but I wont be returning to this festival again unless serious effort is made to improve the organisation.
Mutant Mushroom, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Isle Of Wight festival: I agree with other people's comments about the lack of organisation, volume on stage, signage and lighting - and I was only there one day! Plus - drinks at 3 a go - extortionate! Nearly didn't get any photos either - the security staff were being very funny about people bringing in anything other than useless disposable cameras. I paid for a ticket, surely I should be allowed to record my experiences for future reference?
Mark Roberts, Sheerness, Kent

Just been to Pinkpop in the Netherlands, such a nice festival. Muse stole the show in a disappointing line up compared to last year. Just great to see everyone wearing the pink amnesty hats!
Ben, Bristol, UK

The Who at the Isle of Wight
The Who at the Isle of Wight, from Dave Richards of Eydon, Northants
I've been going to festivals since I was about 13, I used to live in Essex and we used to camp over at the Chelmsford Spectacular weekend. I went to my first festival (V96) when I was 16 (the same year that I also did Glasto and Reading) and had a great time. However, last year and this year I will not be going. The prices of the tickets are astronomical - the V festival has nearly doubled it's price in 8 years!! The acts are getting worse and the variety there used to be isn't there. Add to that the fact that the campsite is always full of beered-up lads who think it's funny to set fire to/tip over the Portaloos, and, tbh, I really can't be bothered anymore...
Sharon, London

I've been to the Isle of Wight festival and it was really good. Any festival is fantastic!! Just one thing... can someone do something about Glastonbury next year? I've already heard that people got tickets to go to it and paid extortionate amount of money for the tickets. So the whole point of how they sold the tickets this year has been defeated!! I'm going to miss it sooooo much this year!! Mr. Eavis please help us a little bit more next year!!
Mercedes Rueda, Southampton, UK

Isle of Wight: This year's festival was huge and it rocked! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so friendly and chilled out. Watching Suzanne Vega sing Tom's Diner with 30,000 people clapping in time was an amazing sight. It was so nice to see that Snow Patrol realy appreciated the crowd's responses and the lead singer didn't stop smiling. A great weekend of music.
Thea, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight festival this year was my first festival experience and it lived up to all the hype. The atmosphere was fantastic, the music was great and The Who totally stole the show with their set. Bring on 2005!
Peter Griffin, Southsea, UK

I went to the Isle Of Wight festival as a festival virgin but I can't wait for next year now! I'm unable to put into words how amazing The Who were, they knocked the socks off some of the younger acts. Jet were fantastic and rocked the crowd, working them up perfectly before the Manics, who gave a rousing performance of Design for Life. The highlight for me was standing right at the front, getting absolutely crushed while The Who sang Substitute with the whole crowd cheering them on. Fantastic.
Ali, London, UK

The Isle of Wight festival was absolutely amazing... fantastic atmosphere,brilliant people,superb weather and the Who really rocked,blew everyone away and lifted the entire audience,amazing!!!
Tony Richards, Hemel Hempstead

Just got back from the Isle of Wight festival. I am tired and sunburnt, but it was totally worth it! For my first festival I think I did pretty well, getting in the front row to see The Who's blinding performance, in the process eclipsing every other act that played this weekend. The other headliners, Bowie and the Stereophonics were awesome too, as well Jet, The Stands, Snow Patrol and an insane performance from British Sea Power. We were struck by the atmosphere around the whole place which was amazing, chilled and mellow everybody enjoying themselves listening to lots of different music and appreciating it. Certainly one that my friends and I won't forget in a hurry. Bring on next year!
Daniel D Moses, North London, UK

The Download festival broke all expectations by actually being more disorganised than last year's farce. Bands didn't show (and the ones that did were still late on stage), the parking was a complete joke and everything was vastly overpriced (as always). Unless it's an amazing line-up (that will turn up), I just won't bother next year.
Gavin, Leicester

I was at Isle of Wight on Sunday. The bands were great and Bowie was incredible. The festival organisation was terrible! No announcement re the start of the football, not enough loos, bad signage, huge AV problems on the screens, lights not working on the way out, meaning we all had to shuffle in pitch darkness down a dirt track, a long trek from stage to transport and no public busses running at the end of the show, so had to pay extra for private hire. not up to any other festival standards - sort your act out IoW!
Laura, London, UK

The Isle of Wight Festival has been a life enhancing experience. The Who were absolutely the kings of it and reigned supreme.
Sam, Lancashire, UK

The Isle of Wight festival was absolutely amazing - bands were brilliant but The Who on Saturday, and then Bowie Sunday ... blew everyone else away!! Awesome. The last time I was so impressed was when I saw Bob Dylan at the IOW over 30 yrs ago!
Jules Atkins, Southampton England

Isle Of Wight: Spent the whole weekend here with kids, absolutely great, a wonderful atmosphere, great bands, The Who were fantastic, as were Jets, Manics, Stereophonics etc etc. However, food overpriced, and the loos do need a little more thought.
Martin Choularton, Bordon, Hants

Download: Donington was brilliant!! Linkin Park were spectacular and in reply to Gavin the parking I found to be very organised. As for the merchandise he doesnt have to buy it! The atmosphere was buzzing!!!
sally lawton, uk

The Isle of Wight Festival was an absolute stunner this year. The musical line-up was superb - a mixture of the well known crowd pullers and the not so well known (yet) . It catered for all tastes and ages and the overall emphasis on rock made it a most attractive event. As already commented by some contributors, it was the lesser-known and non-headline acts who made the greatest impression. Yes, the Who were superb - I didn't meet anyone who thought otherwise.

The sun shone throughout the weekend which made for a very happy festival atmosphere. The organisation of the event was, on the whole, superb.

I've pencilled in the dates for next year and as soon as the tickets go on sale I'll be getting mine!
Karen Morrison, Bromley, Kent

Isle of Wight Festival - I've been to loads of concerts and a few festivals through the years but the Isle of Wight festival was amazing. I was there for the entire weekend camping at the festival and they had such a broad selection of bands and artists, it was a great line-up. David Bowie was the main artist that I wanted to see but The Who and Stereophonics came very close and all the main head liners did an exceedingly long set which made the tickets worth every penny. Out of all the other bands and artists playing over the weekend; Jet were by far the best as well as Snow Patrol. I can't wait for next year's line-up to be announced.
Dave Twiss, Bognor Regis, UK

Went to The Big Chill last weekend with a few mates. I sooo wish every festival was as well organised and good humoured as this one. The Highlight was a crazy Norweigan outfit called Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band - quite simply the funniest most original band I have seen at a festival in years. The people there were all cool, chilled and had a great weekend in some stunning weather and some excellent frisbee!!!
Kevin Gannon, Bethnal Green, London

I only managed to get to the Glade festival this year, but what a cracker it was. Their first event away from Glastonbury went without incident, which considering there was no police presence was amazing. 5 days and 5000 very happy revellers, good stuff...
Seb, West Sussex, UK

I travelled to Germany for the Wacken Open Air and enjoyed three days of pure Metal. Highlights of the bill were Cannibal Corpse, Destruction, Amon Amarth and, surprisingly, Misery Index, an American grindcore band who played one of the minor stages and provoked the craziest mosh pit of the festival. All in all it was a great festival with a friendly atmosphere, great organisation and half decent facilities. I'll be back next year!
Owen Duffy, Glasgow, Scotland

The Big Chill festival in the Eastnor Castle grounds was a fantastic opportunity to escape from city life, my first festival experience that had good music,relaxed atmosphere and a superd setting.Roll on next year
Paul, London

I went to my first ever festival last weekend, The Big Chill. Camping / parking / staff were all great. The atmosphere and music was fantastic. They encouraged us to recycle our rubbish so the festival was also fairly clean. We are going to go again, if next year is as good as this one was we will go every year. If you want good music/ food/ camping / people the Big Chill is the place to be.
Kelly, staffs

The Big Chill is the best festival! I've been twice so far and loved the it. Its the best because the bands that play are not so well known and the people want to see these bands live. Where as bigger festivals have more commercial bands.
Chris Taubert, Aveley, Essex

Went to the first and hopefully not the last Spydafest (a new "alt. country" and roots festival) on the Isle of Portland, Dorset during Glastonbury weekend. The acts were fantastic, the location was pretty wild, the weather was a bit grim and hardly anybody came. A tremendous amount of respect for the organisers trying to get a very worthy new festival up and running. As a result I saw legends such as Tony Joe White and the Long Ryders in a tent the size of one of the hat stalls at Glastonbury, truly amazing!
Darron Heath, London UK

Beautiful Days (Escot Park, Devon, 21-22 August): Gorgeous location. Split between an open air main stage and a marquee stage, this festival catered for the whole family - kids' and teens' zones much in evidence and in much use. Broad range of caterers, real ale and good car park access. Campsite hilly, toilets acceptable. Excellent sets from She Said (soulful country rock), crowd-pleaser John Power (Las and Cast), Alabama 3 (theatrical techno-country-rock), The Levellers (playing to a 'home crowd') and King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys (pop-jazz party people). An altogether intimate festival to be repeated next year: a friend likened it to "Glastonbury in the early days".
Wayne Thexton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Reading: The Rasmus, got forced offstage by the hail of missiles thrown at them. There were five other stages at the event- so if people didn't want to see The Rasmus play, why didn't they go to another stage, instead of spoiling it for me? My first year at Reading, and definitely my last.
Hywel, Reading

Reading was bad. Infact, probably the best thing about it was the mud, the cold evenings and being fleeced 3 for a beer in the arena. If Mean Fiddler dont want the acts to be pelted off stage next year, I suggest they think long and hard about who they book, so that people paying over 100 for a ticket will feel that they are getting value for money. God knows we didn't this year.
Dan, Worcester

Went to Reading Festival and saw both 50 cent and Rasmus get bottled off stage. I reckon they would of done alot better if they had gone on other stages. Feel sorry for Rasmus having to see a sign going "Burn the Rasmus" quite harsh for the band and the fans - funny though.
Nick, Romsey

Womad - Reading 2004. The best Womad ever! Daara J and Sidestepper were amazing. The atmosphere as usual was warm and friendly. The emphasis this year was on drumming and Yelemba D'Abidjan were absolutely unbelievable. Reading 2004 Sunday 29/08. The Streets were wicked and Supergrass proved they were worthy of their headliner slot! Having never heard The Von Bondies before I was really impressed by their performance and will definitely be investing in their CD! Roll on next summer!
Sarah Green, Portsmouth, England

Just had a great summer of festivals with the highlight being Benicassim in Spain. To spend 6 days on a beach resort lying around and drinking Sangria by day in 40 degree heat then by night watching some fab bands including Brian Wilson, The Chemical Brothers and the Pet Shop Boys was brilliant. The most disappointing festival really was V Festival. It would have been nice if the organisers had spent some of their profits on facilties including parking attendents as it took 5 hours to leave the car park at Weston Park. Reading was very good, the mud did not deter anyone and the spirit remained. Overall I have seen some superb bands this year with the most memorable including Pet Shop Boys, Kelis, Muse, Green Day and Scissor Sisters. Looking forward to next year.
Gem, Wiltshire, UK

Reading 2004 was a mixed bag. With many huge bands such as Ash, Placebo and Greenday to mention a few - as well as rising bands such as Franz Ferdinand and The Distillers. However Mean Fiddler made a gigantic rock festival faux pas by including pop acts 50 Cent and The Rasmus (they may well be respected, but by people that like pop music). To add to this 50 Cent has admitted to not 'getting on with gays' playing between Greenday and Placebo, two rock bands with a large gay/bisexual fan base. So no one should be shocked that they got bottled off, it has happened before to other pop acts at Reading (Daphne and Celeste 2002, and Good Charlotte 2003). To be fair there was a petition, which I assume was presented to Mean Fiddler, with >5000 signatures asking for 50 Cent to be removed as a headliner, so Mean Fiddler were warned by their customers. Reading is a rock festival, Mean Fiddler should know by now what constitutes as a rock act!
Simon, Bristol

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